1. G

    Pharmacy admissions question

    Hi everyone! I'm currently waiting for UCSD and too nervous to wait for the results and want to ask a question. I asked the admissions team when would the results come out, and they said, "all applicants will be contacted by the end of February." I have to submit the transcript for Fall 2021...
  2. K

    UC San Diego Extension Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program 2020-2021

    Greetings! It's been a rough year with COVID and all, and I noticed there wasn't a thread for the 2020-2021 application cycle for UCSD's Post-Bac Program (academic enhancer). Well, here it is! :) I'm a fellow applicant who recently got accepted into the program a few weeks ago. I was hoping...
  3. P

    Question about UCSD medical school requirements

    Since UCSD does not have requirements for pre-med but only suggestions how bad would it be if i didn’t do a year of physics? Thanks in advance.
  4. stratosphere

    UCSD vs. Dartmouth

    What would you do? And if you can, please say why :)
  5. R

    UCSD vs Emory

    Waitlisted at Emory, and I know that basically means rejected, but I want to make this decision in the lightning strike chance it happens. A bit about me and my aims professionally: I enjoy research (my main strength of my apps) but I am open to the idea of closing that chapter of my life...
  6. D

    UCSD PHARM C/O 2023 Interview/Acceptance

    Hello! I don't think I saw a forum for UCSD c/o 2023 so I am starting one! Please let me know if there already is one so I can take this down ~ If alumns or current students can provide some advice for UCSD pharmacy interview process, it would be much appreciated :) Thanks !!
  7. P

    UCSD Extension Premed Post Bacc 2019-20

    Hi guys! I know I'm making this thread super early, but I just thought whoever else is interested in this cycle we can kind of bounce off of each other and go through this process together! Any advice, anything that can help each other out, just put it here! I know applications open September...
  8. P

    Post Bacc: 3.32 GPAc. 3.1 GPAs. - Any advice would be nice!!!

    Hi guys! I'm just gonna get right to it, if anyone has any success stores and advice with my type of stats, I would gladly appreciate it! Major: Biology GPA: c. 3.32, s. 3.1 State: CA (born, raised, graduated college) Extra Circulars: Lots of international/volunteering and local volunteering in...
  9. madaboutmedlife

    UCSD V OUWB (with half tuition scholarship)

    Hi Guys! I'm having a really tough time deciding between these two schools. I am currently undecided on my future specialty. I really loved both schools during interview day. A disclaimer: I realize that I am super lucky that I have these amazing choices, and I know that this is not an actual...
  10. D

    Best undergrad UC as a cc transfer student?

    Hey All, I am currently a community college student who is about to transfer to an UC. I am super grateful that I've been accepted to all 9 UC's, but now I am in the process of deciding which one to go to. I have narrowed it down to between UCSD (erc), UCLA, and UC Davis. Are there any other...
  11. EmDeeAZ

    Opinions Wanted!! 6 Undergrad Options for Premed

    I'm a HS senior looking to study biomedical engineering on a premed track. My narrowed down options are Arizona State (in state), MIT, Boston University, CU Boulder, UTexas-Austin, UCSD Does going to ASU basically kill my med school app? Is premed at MIT worthwhile and doable? I think UCSD is...
  12. EmDeeAZ

    Undergrad School Choice Premed--HELP!

    Hi, I recently received all of my undergrad college admissions decisions and need to make my school choice very soon. I intend on studying biomedical engineering (or bioengineering) on the premed track. I really want to be a doctor. My top options are: M.I.T., University of Virginia, UC...
  13. P

    USC vs UCSD for class of 2022

    I got admitted to both schools but I'm really lost between them. I have heard that USC is very disorganized in terms of the professors teaching the classes (Many resident students and PHD student teaching parts of a class with some that have barely understandable accent) Also I was told that...
  14. P

    USC vs UCSD for class of 2022

    I got admitted to both schools but I'm really lost between them. I have heard that USC is very disorganized in terms of the professors teaching the classes (Many resident students and PHD student teaching parts of a class with some that have barely understandable accent) Also I was told that...
  15. reyneer

    Canadian applicant looking into post-bacc programs

    Hey SDN! I am a Canadian MSc. student who is applying to U.S. MD and DO schools this year. Given the disadvantage that Canadians face as out-of-state/international applicants to the U.S., I want to hedge my bets by applying to a post-bacc program. I've read about the linkages that some programs...
  16. I

    UCSD Extension Premed Post Bacc 2018-19

    Hi, everyone! Who else applied to UCSD's program this year? Anyone else waiting to hear back from San Diego? The suspense... I am so anxious! We're supposed to receive news soon.
  17. S

    Graduating in 3 quarters after transferring?????

    Hey guys, So right now I'm finishing up my pre-requisite courses at a CC, but i plan on applying to UCSD's Human Bio program for my Bachelor's. Assuming I get in, if I have everything (except for physics) finished from the courses listed on Assist org by the time I get to UCSD, do you think it...
  18. P

    UCSD C/O 2022 Interview/Acceptance Thread

    How come there is no official c/o 2022 thread for USCD? :eek: Please post here if you hear back from the school!:)
  19. J

    Do I have chances of getting into university?

    Hi, I am a freshman at community college. I graduated high school with a GPA of 3.8. At the high school, I got a C in chemistry, then A in honors math classes such as algebra, geometry, Algebra II. My first semester at college I had taken the below courses so far. I will start my physics classes...
  20. N

    UCSD reputation/details

    Hey everyone, I was recently accepted to UCSD, but don't know very much about the school. Obviously I know it's a great location and students seem happy there, but can anyone speak to reputation in the medical community, residency matches, clinical education, workload, etc.? If it helps, I want...
  21. C

    applying to college help; optometrist hopeful

    hey guys! This is actually my first post haha. Anyways, I want to go to optometry school in the future, but I'm not sure which undergrad is most suited for it. My dream school has always been UCLA, but I've heard a lot about the cutthroat competition and grade deflation. Is it worth going there...
  22. amg_la

    Need Help with School List -- Questionable CARS

    hi all, i really need help with finalizing my school list. I have a solid application except for my CARS score which really hurt my MCAT. I want to go to a really good school (obviously) but i don't want to waste this application cycle being too ambitious about my schools. Please give me your...
  23. EtherOne

    Transfer to UCLA, Berkeley, UCSD, or UC Davis?

    Help, I am a pre-med transfer student. I got accepted to all my schools, MCB for Berkeley, MIMG for UCLA, Microbiology for Davis, and Human Bio for UCSD. I don't care too much about the weather. I was pretty much set for UC Davis, I love the small town and the environment, but now that I got...
  24. A

    UCSD vs UCI

    UCI Pros: 15k scholarship per year Closer to family (though only 1.5 hours closer compared to UCSD, so not a huge advantage) Faculty seems very supportive of student needs Great Ultrasound program You're "given" an iPad Students seemed laid-back Cons: Very small class size H/P/F Irvine...
  25. A

    Do I have a chance at getting into a UC? Or USC?

    I'm a junior at Beverly Hills High and my gpa is looking pretty iffy. In the low 3 range on a 4.0 scale (unweighted). My main problem is that I've always stretched myself too thin and taken a lot of honors/AP courses. Last year I got a 4 on AP Biology. This year I am taking AP Lang and AP US...
  26. FirstOrder55

    MD Chances of UCSD SOM acceptance from UCSD Undergraduate Bachelor's Degree

    Hey all, I am transferring from a california community college to either UCSD or UCR. I was wondering if attending (and graduating from) UCSD for my undergraduate bachelor's degree would make me less, or more, likely to be accepted into the UCSD SOM? Thanks
  27. SupremeDoc

    Various Questions (from an incoming UCSD freshman)

    Hey guys! Recently, I was fortunate enough to be admitted into Thurgood Marshall in UCSD for Bioinformatics. You could probably tell from the fact that I'm on this website, but in the future, I aspire to go to medical school and become a physician (hopefully serving...
  28. Rockydog1

    UC SAN DIEGO - PreMed

    Hi everyone! I was accepted to UCSD and will be going in for the Global Health major. Just as a background, I denied admissions from UCLA, USC, and Cal because I really fell in love with UCSD and the medical opportunities - it was my #1. Just was looking for a general consensus on current or...
  29. A

    UCSD vs UCLA vs WashU St Louis

    Hey guys, any help would be awesome and gladly appreciated! I decided to leave out the differences in curriculum, either cause I haven't looked too far into it or cause I feel like Med Schools are similar in the organization of things? If any current students or other prospective students have...
  30. D

    Does Revelle HUM sequence at UCSD count as English?

    I recently got accepted to UCSD's Revelle College. There is a 5-quarter GE sequence that is considered to be the college's writing requirement. Would medical schools acknowledge this as an English course? It's listed as HUM, but people from the school call it Writing.
  31. shine with me

    UCSD vs. Wayne (full-tuition)

    *Edited 4/20 with final decision: Thank you all so much for your responses and thoughts! I really appreciate it and after a ton of thought, I think I'm going to bite the financial bullet and go UCSD. Overall, I got a wonderful vibe/fit at UCSD's Second Look that was consistent with my interview...
  32. Versalia

    UCD vs UCI vs UCSB vs UCSD

    Hi guys, I'm sure you've gotten a plethora of these threads. I'm a confused HS senior and I've been accepted to UCSD, UCI, and UCD, waiting on UCSB. (Also CPSLO, but FA at state schools aren't the best and that's an issue for me). Also, I did not receive CHP/Honors/Regents for these schools. I...
  33. pinkfreud1394

    UCSD extension premed post bac 2017-18

    Anyone on here applying to this? Looks like applications are due towards the end of January. I couldn't find a thread for program, if there's already one floating around somewhere I apologize. I still haven't learned how to efficiently navigate SDN.
  34. LindaAccepted

    Medical UCSD School of Medicine Secondary Application Essay Tips

    The UCSD School of Medicine prefers applicants with extensive research experience. If you have not described your research experience in your personal statement, include a description in the secondary application’s autobiographical essay. They offer a PRIME Heq Program with training in treating...
  35. TheDrB.020

    MD 521 MCAT, 3.74 GPA (B.S.), 3.96 GPA (M.S.)

    White Male from California 521 MCAT (132/128/131/130) Taken only once 3.74 B.S. GPA (upward trend) 3.96 M.S. GPA Both B.S. (Animal Science/Pre-vet) & M.S. (Stem cell research/regenerative medicine) from Cal Poly SLO 2nd author pub in Nature Neuroscience 2 years full time in top neuroscience...
  36. TheDrB.020

    521 MCAT, 3.74 GPA (B.S.), 3.96 GPA (M.S.)

    White Male from California 521 MCAT (132/128/131/130) 3.74 B.S. GPA (upward trend) 3.96 M.S. GPA Both B.S. (Animal Science/Pre-vet) & M.S. (Stem cell research/regenerative medicine) from Cal Poly SLO 2nd author pub in Nature Neuroscience 2 years full time in top neuroscience lab (ongoing)...
  37. fernweh2438

    UC San Diego Extension Online Biochem??

    Ok there are way too many posts about online biochem courses, but I have yet to see anything about UCSD. I am trying to find a good online course and have not liked the reviews for UNE or UCB. Plus biochem at UCSD is only $550 which is far cheaper than I have seen anywhere else. So has anyone...
  38. A

    UCSB Biopsych vs UCSD Psych , Pre-health/PA

    desperately looking for input: Im a transferring undergrad, I was accepted into a Pre-psychological and Brian sciences program at UCSB and into the Psych program at UCSD. Im pursuing becoming a PA so i need to keep my gpa up. im in love with SD. however the program at SB allows me too choose...
  39. P

    Not sure I can trust this website for a volunteer experience?

    Hey everyone, Longtime lurker here that made an account because I'm unsure of what to do. I'm really interested in the field of psychiatry and really want to volunteer for a crisis hotline during my undergraduate studies. I tried searching for any opportunities near my area (I go to UCSD) but I...
  40. SiriusObserver

    Where To Transfer? UW Madison or UCSD?

    Hi everybody. I'm fairly new to SDN and am turning to you guys to help me make a big decision. I was recently admitted into both UW Madison and UCSD as a transfer student from a two-year UW college. As a premed, I feel like this is an important decision, but I know some will agree and some will...