Feb 15, 2018
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Hello all,

First time posting here as I just found the site. So I am in the very beginning stages of researching all the options available as I am gathering resources to begin applying early 2020.
Stats on myself:
Cumulative GPA: 3.0
PreReq: ~3.6
These are all dependent if the institution excludes repeat courses. Last 60 hours I am aiming for nearly a 4.0.
I am Active Duty Air Force with 2.5 years until separation. My degree is A B.S. in Health Science, however, I have taken a year in courses in Exercise Science (Movement Science, Exercise Physiology, ect.). From anyone's experience do universities look highly on past service?
Also, is there a definitive source that lists programs and their expectations on how recent prereq courses would be taken? Or is that something I would just have to ask the school directly. With the post 9/11 and VA benefits paying for school will not be an issue, however, my grades early on might look bad so I am looking to apply to a great deal of programs.
Any advice to someone in my situation? Has anyone known or been in a program with someone in the military who that their time in the military benefited them when it came to their application?

Thank you,


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Feb 3, 2017
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Thank you for service man. Ptcas.org should have everything you need about prerequisites for specific programs and how many years they would be acceptable for. Some schools do not use ptcas but the website has lists of programs who use and who do not use it, most use it though.


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Apr 25, 2017
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You just need to research and apply strategically. Look through PTCAS or previous posts on here and find out which schools look at last 60 hour credits instead of cGPA. Some schools look at both; whereas some schools will use your last 60 hour credit GPA if it's higher than your cGPA. Also, look for schools that place a great deal of emphasis on pre-req GPA. If you find a program that you like, definitely take a look at their school website, and usually in the application process or FAQ page there mentions if a pre-req needs to be taken within a certain number of years. This varies by the school, but most schools require these courses to be taken within 5-7 years.
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