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    Hampton University DPT 2019-2020

    Hi all, I just wanted to start a thread for anyone who applied to Hampton for this cycle! Feel free to post updates, stats, questions etc. I applied and received an email saying they have my verified application and will reach out when they have made a decision. I’m hoping to hear something soon.
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Letters of Recommendation

    So I am applying this coming fall and I am in a predicament about who I should ask for a letter of recommendation. I am a biology major with a psychology minor. I need 3 letters total and I will be getting one from an OT, 1 from a psychology professor and the the other I am unsure of. 1. I...
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    Physical Therapy prospective Student for 2021

    Hello all, First time posting here as I just found the site. So I am in the very beginning stages of researching all the options available as I am gathering resources to begin applying early 2020. Stats on myself: Cumulative GPA: 3.0 PreReq: ~3.6 These are all dependent if the institution...
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    PA going back for PhD?

    Hey everyone, first time on this, but I really need to reach out to see if there has ever been another person in my shoes here. I am a PA (pathologists' assistant)- many parallels to a physicians' assistant- I have a master's, national certification and state license as a pathologists'...
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    Midwestern University treats students like garbage

    I am a student at Midwestern University in Arizona. I need to warn everyone thinking about applying to Midwestern. My advice is to pick another school. Midwestern treats its students horribly. They do not allow students to use the bathroom during 2-3 hour long tests, which occur 2-3 times a week...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS What Are My Chances/Recommended Programs

    New to SDN. I'm a junior at UIC. Rehab Science major, Pre-OT, minor in disability Studies, honors student graduating a year early. GPA: 3.89 Pre-req GPA so far: 4.0 Taking GRE soon. Experience: Pre OT Club, 100 hours in ped clinic. 108 hours so far at a therapeutic pre-school w/ OT, PT...
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    MPH Admissions

    Hi everyone! I've recently started researching MPH programs and was hoping for some advice. My GPA is lower, 2.8, so I'm anxious about applying. There are several programs that state a minimum of 3.0 needed..I will be taking the GRE next month. I'm also hoping to find an online program to...
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    Please chance me for BS/MD programs

    Hey all, I'm looking at some upper-mid tier BS/MD schools like: - UMKC - VCU - Baylor - Hobart & William Smith - GWU - etc Stats: Race- Asian School Type- Private Catholic UW GPA- 3.7 (All A's except in theology) GPA subject to change | 3.86 so far this year ACT- 36 English, 33 Math, 32...
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    Med students who got in via Master's route

    So, I went to an average university in North Jersey and graduated 5 years with a GPA of 2.9. I got my Bachelor's of Science in Biology with a minor in chemistry. My professors really sucked and the lack of teaching invoked a depression and lack of motivation in me so my GPA showed it. However, I...
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    Pathologist Assistant Career Undergrad Prep and Scholarships

    I'm a sophomore biology major currently (recently) planning for a PathA career. My understanding is that admission to a masters program is competitive, but I'm shadowing at and volunteering for my local hospital's pathology/anatomy department, and my GPA is in good standing. Aside from that...