1. Melvillei

    Regret withdrawing my acceptance

    I recently withdrew my acceptance from USUHS after choosing to attend a civilian USMD program instead. I just couldn't overlook the ≥7 year obligation plus the many cons of milmed discussed on these boards: lack of control over my career and family life, limited job opportunities for my SO...
  2. IsleyOfTheNorth

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Joining in med school then military residency?

    Is it possible to join the military in med school then enter a military residency without using HPSP? (Presumably passing through Commissioned Officer Training between the two.)
  3. Clarus

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Options for a US-IMG during Residency?

    What options are available for a US-IMG attending a residency program in the US? This is in terms of commitments, financial assistance and serving a certain amount of time in the military.
  4. B

    HSCP a no brainer for prior service?

    Hi all, I'm currently on active duty (non-medical) and working on a post bac with the intention of going to medical school. From everything I have read and know about myself, I will be much happier on the military side of the house. It's been a great experience for me these past years that I...
  5. dentalboi

    Recent Air Force HPSP grads, going back would you do the HPSP Scholarship?

    Hi, basically what time title says. I am currently applying for the 3 year Air Force HPSP scholarship and interview in a few days (lmk if you have any tips please). I have talked to a few dental students who are on the HPSP scholarship but I have not had the opportunity to talk to anyone who has...
  6. Ctoothy

    Army Army HPSP AEGD-1 Year Waitlist

    Hello! This is my very first post on SDN after many many years of lurking without an account. I finally have a question pressing enough to ask here. I’m a 4th year Army HPSP dental student who applied to the 1-Year AEGD and recently got placed on the waitlist, or OML. I wanted to reach out and...
  7. H

    Reinvention: Is it possible at this point? (2.1 sGPA, 2.71uGPA, 3.89 graduate GPA)

    Good evening everyone! I am currently an Active Duty Army officer who is starting to look at his options post Army service. As with many people who serve, I know that I really like serving other people and would like to continue it in the medical realm. I have a BS in Psychology and MA in...
  8. A

    Army Reserves to Active Duty?

    Hello all, I have been digging but can’t seem to find if you are able to switch from reserves to active duty as a physician? I know most often, especially enlisted, to go from reserves to active you need to be relieved of reserves duty then reinlist. However, I found information that stated...
  9. A

    All Branch Topic (ABT) Options for officers to go to medical school and civilian residency after completing service obligations?

    From what I know to, there are only two options for officers to go to medical school and civilian residency after completing service obligations: 1) resignation and 2) transfer to reserve. My questions are: 1. Are there other options to gurantee to be able to do civilian residency? 2. If...
  10. Connor216413

    Veteran and ft worker

    Good morning everyone, As the title says, I am a 23 year old currently working FT, finishing up the remainder of my service contract in the reserves, and am a ft student. I work in the aerospace industry and am finishing up my second year of school... so I have quite a bit of time remaining...
  11. mcarder30

    MD What are my chances? 123 CARS

    Just got my MCAT score back. First time test taker and mortified to see I got a 123 on CARS. My other scores are 129/123/129/130 for an overall score of 511. Just some background I served four years in the United States Army as a combat medic and since being honorably discharged in 2018 I have...
  12. N

    Military dentist husband + civilian dentist wife?

    Hello I’m a dental student on the Army HPSP. I’m in a serious relationship with someone who is also in dental school, with plans to get married. However, she’s not in the military. She wants to come with me wherever I’m stationed, if possible. I had a few questions: Has anyone here been in a...
  13. LugubriousAlchemist

    Post-bacc game plan critique - Active Duty overseas

    Hello all, I am an Active Duty Air Force Officer that, due to stats, need to reinvent himself. Currently have a 3.1 cGPA, 2.8 sGPA. The problem though is that I am currently stationed in Germany, and the in-person options available for classes from my searches are lacking in the science...
  14. S

    Active duty military DIY postbacc

    I am a nontraditional student looking for guidance on my DIY postbacc and overall plan. Background: Graduated from college (I went to an Ivy--not sure if this matters as far as grade inflation or anything) several years ago with a BA in History and a 3.61 cGPA and 3.28 sGPA, currently an active...
  15. B

    HPSPs for Osteopathy

    Hi there! Of the Airmen, Sailors, and Soldiers in the osteopathic community; why and what made you chose it? Did you do the 4 years or the 2? What specialities are you aiming for? What you recommend?
  16. A

    Military student with multiple transfers. How do I address it?

    Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere, I was unable to find anything on it. I did 7 years in the Army I started doing online coursework after my first tour in 2012. I have three tours and I'm a purple heart recipient. When I started college I had no idea what I wanted to do. I...
  17. rlyles32

    Military PT

    So I’m about to finish my 2nd year of PT school and was curious about military PT. Has anyone gone through the commissioning as an officer process and tell me about their experience? Or is anyone a civilian working for the military and tell me about their experience? The more I look into it the...
  18. A

    Transitioning out of AD and into med school...advice?

    Going to be separating in 2021 before starting medical school. I will probably be starting school while on my terminal so I won't necessarily have a ton of time to ease into civilian life. Anyway, as excited as I am about starting medical school, I'm really nervous about transitioning out of...
  19. D

    I don’t qualify to be an officer?

    So I have yet to reach out to the Air Force (which I’m told is even more selective) or army officer recruiters. But I was speaking with a navy recruiter today about the FAP who told me I wouldn’t qualify to join the navy as an officer because of my poor undergraduate GPA (I graduated in 2013 and...
  20. 3

    Icahn School of Medicine: Military partnership

    Has anyone past or present, that is/was active duty , apply to this program? If so what was your experience? Would you recommend it to others? If you haven’t heard about it, it looks promising, also seems “too good, to be true,” for anyone interested...
  21. M

    Can you use 9/11 GI Bill to pay for Medical School?

    I have been looking into alternatives aside from the HPSP program to help pay for medical school, and I was wondering if GI Bill is one. I am currently an upcoming college senior, about to join the Army Reserve unit soon, I plan on applying the next cycle. So I was wondering if I can get myself...
  22. B

    Army HPSP: When to complete DCC and BOLC

    I am a current first year army HPSP medical student and I was planning on completing DCC this summer (between m1/m2 year) and then BOLC..idk.. between M4 year and residency? Unfortunately I am unable to complete DCC this year due to them not having enough spots anymore due to the COvid crisis...
  23. Brebre5564

    PreMed while in the military

    Hello everyone, I’m currently in the Airforce and I separate 2022. I know for a fact, I want to become a doctor and go to medical school afterwards. I’m currently getting my bachelors degree in psychology, which is all online which is amazing. But my biggest problem taking my science classes...
  24. C

    Reactions to "So you want to be a military doctor" video

    Hi all, I've been thinking about going the military path and recently found this video. Not sure how reputable the source is but seems legitimate. Just curious to hear reactions from people with knowledge of military medicine. Thanks, Pete
  25. D

    Very Non-traditional Applicant, Looking for Advice/ Guidance

    deleted for time being, apologies
  26. Captain_America07

    Earning bachelors in more than 4 years will it hurt me?

    Due to being active duty army I didnt have the time to attend school full time and It took me longer to get my bachelors degree (Around 6 years) Will this hinder my application process? How could I make my application stronger if so?
  27. M

    Air Force AEGD

    Hello, I am a 3-year HPSP scholarship recipient via the Air Force and as such I am required to apply/accept an Air Force AEGD position. I understand that there can be some variability due to the different needs of each of the AEGD bases but I was wondering what I should be expecting in terms of...
  28. RandumbmilDO

    (USAF) Civillian Deferral w/o Matching

    Quick question, and maybe I'm not adept enough at using the search function, but it doesn't seem that this has been asked on this forum before. If you are selected for a civilian deferred slot but fail to match, what happens? Are you forced to SOAP or are you placed in a transitional year? Any...
  29. VivaVeritas

    PCOM HPSP/Post 9-11 GI Bill Insight

    Hey all, I'm interested in more insight about attending PCOM using Air Force HPSP and/or post 9-11 GI Bill resources. Please PM me with your experience. Thank you :)
  30. S

    Navy GMO

    Hello all, I have been doing research for the past year and a half on military medicine. I am very set on joining the military as a doctor. Currently, I am leaning towards USUHS and the HPSP is my backup plan for if I do not get in. One thing that is incredibly hard to find research on is time...
  31. C

    All Branch Topic (ABT) milmed + fellowships

    Hello all! I'm looking into military medicine (specifically looking at USUHS, but also at HPSP), and as much as I appreciate this forum, it's hard to replace one-on-one communication. So, if you or someone you know in military medicine is willing to exchange emails or phone calls with me, I...
  32. S

    Leaving computer science for dentistry?

    Hey everyone! Currently a freshman at UCSD, majoring in computer science. I've always struggled when people asked me what I wanted to do with my life. Medicine, finance, computer science all interest me. Never had any die-hard passion, but I've been always been open to the many possibilities...
  33. S

    Military Spouse/LDR during Vet School

    Ive recently been accepted to my IS veterinary school, 3000 miles away from where my husband and I are currently living due to military orders. He will have to remain here until summer 2020 and then be stationed elsewhere (although likely still distant from the school). He is incredibly...
  34. T

    PhD/PsyD Military Psych Questions

    I’m considering going the military psych route and applying for the HPSP with the Army, Air Force, or Navy. For those who have gone this route, especially “lifers” who stay military psychologists after their initial 3-year commitment following their APA internship, I’ve got a few questions. Or...
  35. K

    Joining the Military to pay for pharmacy school

    Hello everyone! I start pharmacy school in August. As my first day of classes quickly approaches, I have a lot of anxiety about money. How am I going to pay for school?! I don’t have anyone to help me pay for school. I have worked as a pharmacy tech for a couple years now and have not met anyone...
  36. C

    Questions for current or former Air Force and Navy docs.

    So I am currently submitting a package for both CSO and NFO. I also have Pilot down for both, but my recruiters say my packages leans heavily towards the former. Should I not get Pilot and go CSO or NFO, I plan to go to medical school after my commitment. I am just having difficulty deciding...
  37. L

    Marine Corps to Medical School Advice

    Hello Everyone, This is my first time posting in SDN forums after many years of browsing. Specifically I am posting in regards to receiving general advice on my current situation and the best route for me to apply to Medical School. Background I received my Undergrad degree in Biology in 2016...
  38. Armyhealth

    Class of 2024 Veterinary Scholarship

    If you are applying to vet school next cycle and interested in the Army's scholarship come and say hi and ask any questions!
  39. Armyhealth

    Dental HPSP class of 2024

    If you are applying for the upcoming cycle and are interested in applying for a military scholarship come say hi or ask any questions!
  40. Armyhealth

    Class of 2024 HPSP

    If your applying to med school next cycle and considering a military scholarship come and ask questions or say hi. Good luck to all those applying!