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  1. W

    Virginia DPT 2023-2024

    Hi everyone! I want to create a place where anyone applying to the Virginia DPT programs can talk about their process so far. I applied to all except Hampton, and have received interviews for all schools that offer them. The only acceptance/waitlist/denial I’ve gotten is that I was accepted into...
  2. A

    Verified Hours

    Hi all, I'm just finishing up inputting my observation hours in and am not certain what to do. I have over 1000 hours at an outpatient clinic, and another 40 hours at a pediatric outpatient clinic. I have been looking really hard for inpatient settings but in the greater Seattle area where I...
  3. K

    DPT Application Cycle 2022-23

    Hi all, I haven’t seen a thread yet for the 2022-23 physical therapy application cycle, so I thought that I would begin one. I know that it doesn’t begin until July, but I wanted to get the ball rolling early. We can use this thread to post our application stats, our questions, schools we are...
  4. P

    University of Washington and Puget Sound

    I was wondering if anyone knew when UW or Puget would be making there decisions for admission. From what I am aware they don’t do interviews and just go straight to admission offers. I saw somewhere a while back it was sometime in February, didn’t know if anyone knew a more exact date or had...
  5. J


    Hey guys, recent graduate and I got waitlisted at Marshall University for their physical therapy program and was wandering if anyone is or has been a student of the program? If so how is it or was it? What is your favorite thing about the program? What is your least or hardest class you’ve had...
  6. J

    Need advice

    #1 I am a recent graduate of University of Kentucky. I have a overall GPA of 3.4. Here is a background of my grades and observation/volunteer hours. Course grades: Anatomy and Physiology I: C, Anatomy and Physiology II: A, Exercise Physiology: B, Biomechanics: B, Chemistry I: B. Chemistry I...
  7. B

    Observation hours during covid?

    How is everyone getting their hours during covid?! I know some schools are being "lenient", but I only have ten signed hours and I don't think that will cut it. I switched to PT right before covid hit but I want to apply this summer. I have more hours from 2017 but I do not have them signed...
  8. langba12


    Hey folks! I figured I'd start a thread for HPU DPT admissions to see where everyone is at in the admissions cycle. I interviewed 9/28/20 and haven't heard back yet. Where is everyone else in the admissions process?
  9. P

    Hampton University DPT 2019-2020

    Hi all, I just wanted to start a thread for anyone who applied to Hampton for this cycle! Feel free to post updates, stats, questions etc. I applied and received an email saying they have my verified application and will reach out when they have made a decision. I’m hoping to hear something soon.
  10. P

    Best Undergrad schools for Pre-PT/Physiology

    So I’m an upcoming Freshman at the University of Akron. I plan to transfer to the Integrative Physiology program at CU-Boulder for my second year. I was hoping to get some ideas for back up schools. I am either going into PT, OT, or PA depending on the job market at the end of my undergrad. In...
  11. C

    TWU vs. UTMB DPT

    hi all, i'm having trouble deciding between two programs in tx: TWU and UTMB. TWU didn't interview so I don't know the vibe that well, but i'll be visiting the campus next week to get a better feel. i was wondering if yall could share any experiences with either program / why you picked the...
  12. theheartyroots

    Ask a real PT any questions you have!

    Hi everyone! I'm a former PT applicant, former PT student, and current practicing PT! I wanted to provide some insight to current and future individuals looking to apply to PT or make a career out of this. I am 2 years out of physical therapy school but it still feels like I was just applying...
  13. J

    AMA: I'm a second semester DPT student!

    Hey everyone! I am a second semester DPT student. I just wanted to post this, if anyone has questions I am open to answering anything to the best of my ability. A couple of things about me that I think some of you might find interesting: the school I am attending pulled me off their wait list...
  14. M

    Duquesne University Fall 2019

    Hello all! Has anyone heard anything from Duquesne University? I never received a confirmation email that they received my application but on PTCAS it says I was verified. Is anyone else in the same boat as me? Major: KINE pre-pt at CSUSM GPA: 3.68 pGPA: 3.7 GRE: 150V 151Q 3.5W (I sent all my...
  15. M

    University of Montana- Missoula Fall 2019

    Hello all! I am applying to UM for the second time. Last year I heard back with a denial on January 2nd. This year I was offered an interview! I am from California and was wondering if anyone else out of state will be attending? Or anyone instate have some insight into the program or what it is...
  16. M

    Drexel University 2018-2019 admissions cycle

    Hi all, I thought I’d start a forum for Drexel. I just received an interview this morning for December 7th. Will anyone else be attending? Any acceptances? Etc. I applied on September 24th.
  17. M

    MCPHS 2018-2019 Cycle

    Hello all! I applied to MCPHS on 10/04/2018 and heard back within a week 10/11/2018 for an interview! Has anyone else applied here yet and know any information about the school, what the interview is like, do we have to schedule an interview right away? etc. I would be flying from California...
  18. R

    Starting to look into PT. Do I have a Chance

    Hi guys I'm just starting to look into PT. To be honest I was planning on attending PA school but after 2 years to applying I'm starting to look into other professions I find intriguing. With my stats its nearly impossible to be accepted into PA schools ( found that out the hard way). Before...
  19. A

    Reference from non-PT employer?

    Hello, I was wondering if it would hurt me to upload a reference from a former employer that's not in the PT field. I worked in a kitchen for years and started when I was in high school. I was a cook and shift supervisor for 4 years total, and I worked under the head chef which I've known for a...
  20. D

    Physical therapy school

    hello all, I was wondering if there was a school in the USA that doesn’t require anatomy and physiology as a pre requisite?
  21. M


    Hi all! I'll be applying to PT schools for the 2018-2019 cycle. A little worried because my stats are not great Major: Psychology cGPA: ~3.29 pGPA: ~ 3.5-3.7 (still have to complete 3 classes) Taking my GREs in June Currently have over 1000 hours in two outpatient PT settings and am starting...
  22. D

    Do I go to the highly ranked school, or the school where I want to live?

    I am extremely proud to have been accepted in PT school this year. I committed to GW and have been all set to go. GW has a great program that I loved when I visited. I also love Washington DC, and grew up nearby. My parents live in the area and I am planning on moving in with my boyfriend of 2...
  23. M

    Idaho State University 2018

    Hi all, I figured I’d start a forum for ISU. I’ve been watching other threads to see if anyone has been applying here and haven’t seen too many so hopefully this forum will show who’s applied Idaho is my top choice as of now. I’ve been receiving updates about my application. In the next couple...
  24. P

    Being Pregnant during DPT Pre-Reqs

    Hi Everyone, I have a BA in Psychology and want to pursue a career as a Physical Therapist. I will need to complete all of my pre-reqs by this October (or more realistically next October). My husband and I are thinking about getting pregnant during the time I will be taking the pre-reqs/GRE in...
  25. D

    FIU DPT class of 2021 (early interview)

    Hey! I was recently invited to an early interview with FIU and was wondering if the decision is binding if I were to accept an offer? If anyone has already attended an early interview (NOT early decision) and can give me an answer I would greatly appreciate it! ALSO: Was there any...
  26. M

    Need Some Feedback Now That Applications are Due...

    Hey guys, below I wrote about myself. I'm getting nervous and anxious about the applications I have already submitted and submitting soon. Does anyone have any feedback? I changed my major after two years of undergrad and received a 3.6 GPA my last 3 semesters of college. Worked hard to bring my...
  27. J

    personal statement help

    Hi Would any DPT students or those who completed their application read over my personal statement and give some opinions? Thank you
  28. S

    Low GRE - Freaking Out!!!

    I have taken the GRE 3 times already and I signed up for my fourth time - (I can't even afford it but my scores are so low). I don't know what I am doing wrong. I completed a whole Kaplan Prep book, I have 2 apps to help me study, and I typically don't have test anxiety and usually do very well...
  29. I

    Help!! How to choose between schools

    So I need a little advice! I was accepted to a instate school and since it was my only option in Feb I accepted.. But I just got accepted to my dream school this week and I'm absolutely torn between the two. The state school is cheaper (75k compared to 130k) but I didn't get the greatest vibe...
  30. M

    Gross Anatomy First Year DPT Program/Textbook Recommendation

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if first year DPT students or DPT students, in general, could recommend me an Anatomy textbook. I would like to review the material since I have some downtime at the moment. I am looking for a book that covers "functional anatomy of the back and limbs, including...
  31. F

    Rutgers South 2020

    I'm going to send in my deposit this week! Are we just getting an acceptance email or should we be receiving a packet in the mail as well? I think that's what I heard on my phone call but I haven't received anything in the mail yet Also do we just need to mail back the response sheet, reqs for...
  32. F

    The Queen of Waitlist

    So I've been waitlisted by every school that has responded to me to this date so I am up to 6... Is there any possibility of me getting off any waitlist or are my chances slim? Also is anyone else in the same boat as me or am I just that weird statistic
  33. D

    Other OT-Related Information Torn between PT and OT

    Hello! I have just completed my first college semester, and am currently enrolled in the 3+3 PT program offered at my university. Over the holiday break I decided to start shadowing, but had the opportunity to spend a considerable amount of time observing Occupational Therapists as well. I...
  34. 2

    UIC Waitlist Chances

    Hey everyone, I was recently wait-listed by UIC (my number 1 choice). I've been accepted to other great schools, so I most likely will put a down payment down for one of those schools. However, I still really want to go to UIC. Does anyone know somebody who's gotten off their wait-list? Or if...
  35. W

    Widener University DPT

    Has anyone else received an email for an interview with Widener University? I just received mine today and wanted to know if this was the first round of interviews.
  36. iceblinkluck

    Supplemental minors?

    Hello! I am new to this site and thought it would be a good place to get advice from other Pre-PT/PT students. I am a freshman bio major about to complete my first semester with a 3.6 gpa (it would have been higher if I hadn't gotten two B's, both of them B+'s though) and have been working as a...
  37. R

    Undergraduate Degree Advice

    Hello everyone, This will be my first post, I've been on this site for a few months now and just recently made an account. I am a first year undergrad student finishing up my first semester and have wanted to become a physical therapist since my sophomore year of high school. I know this is...
  38. A

    Application !

    Does anyone suggest or not suggest sending an e-mail showing your interest in the program after applying through PTCAS?
  39. E

    Kean University DPT Interview 11/14

    I have an upcoming interview at Kean University on 11/14. Has anyone heard anything about the interview process or been there for an interview before?
  40. A

    Questions about interviews

    So I have a couple interviews coming up. One this Friday. I'm very excited, but nervous because this will be my first interview. I found another forum about this, but it is quite old so I thought I would start a new one. Anyways, can anyone give me tips on how to prepare for these interviews...