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Dec 8, 2014
Physics is not my strong suit, and it is one of the tougher courses taught at my school. I have been looking at alternatives and found a website called that allows you to take physics online including lab. If I were to do this, would it look bad on my dental school application?
Jun 23, 2015
I'm going to post in this thread as well. Next semester every local university/CC does not offer orgo I... So my only option is to take it with an in-state uni that has a dental school attached and offers the course and the lab, both online. I've heard some success stories from over in the DO forum but I'm sure dental schools have different requirements.

I'd be willing to retake the course if required by a dental school in order to gain admission. I have seen people having to do this for CC courses so maybe the same rules will apply. But I don't think I have any other choice since I will be taking the DAT next Summer.