Physics or Ochem at CC?

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Mar 30, 2009
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So far I have taken gen chem1/2, calc1, and stats for my math/sci classes. My math/sci gpa is 4.0. Cumulative is a 3.914
I plan on transferring to a university by next fall of 2013'.

My schedule is as follows:
Summer 2012- English / social sciences
Fall 2012- I plan on taking gen bio1/ ?
Spring 2012-I plan on taking gen bio2/ ?

Should I take physics and ochem at CC before I transfer? (Meaning I have taken all my sci prerequisites at a CC- which I know looks kind of bad in the eyes of adcoms)
Or should I pick one or the other?
The only reason why I'm asking is because my Fall and Spring 2012' semester is pretty much open and I want to pursue at least 14units per semester.. I could fill it in with calc 2/3 sequence, but I don't believe its required for my major.

Also, I know universities require different physics depending upon major.. But do dental schools care about what physics I take?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Jan 16, 2011
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What I have heard from the admission committee is, if you start out at a commc it is okay, BUT if you transfer to a university then comback... That's a Red Flag. I took all mines at a CommC before I tranferred to a University. I got into dschool