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May 11, 2002
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Hi everybody. I am planning to get married next summer, after my first year in medical school. I know that I won't have a lot time to completely submerge myself in the planning (Thank God for my mom and my best friend) but I would like to contribute as much as I can. For those of you who planned your wedding during your first year, can you tell me a little about your experiences with planning and keeping up with your classes?


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Apr 11, 2000
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I just got married June 1, and Ill tell you this: you will NOT have time to do very much planning. Granted, I was 5 hours away from where the wedding was, so it was harder anyway. I had a "society" wedding in Texas, so big flowers, cake, dress, church, all of that, I picked the reception and ceremony locations, my dress (obviously), the cake, bridemaids dresses and the colors, hair/makeup and ceremony details. My mother arranged details with the vendors and also arranged for photographer, catering, music (I had SOME input), and flowers. The big decisions are pretty easy - try and coordinate with your Mom on those - which vendor, what parameters for each thing (kinds/colors of flowers, type of music, that sort of thing. THen let your MOm do the actual detail work with contracts and such. Let your bridesmaids choose their own shoes (this took months for mine, but I let my MOH referee it). I still found time to pass or high pass all of my classes, including Neuro, which was the last one. I did have a month off before the wedding, which helped A LOT. The major crunch comes right before the wedding when everything HAS to be done NOW, so give yourself enough time between the end of school and the wedding. (2 weeks MINIMUM). I hope this helps. Feel free to PM/email me if you like.

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