Plateauing: advice needed


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Jan 7, 2013
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    Greetings. My exam is in less than 2 weeks (July 10th) and I think my progress is plateauing (NBME 17 score of 207 a week ago and NBME 19 score of 205 this week). Any suggestions on how I should tackle the final stretch before the exam would be greatly appreciated. I'm planning on doing a lot more anki cards since I learn best through repetition. Also, how many more practice tests should I take and which ones should I take?


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    Oct 18, 2016
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      19 historically is the worst predictor, as far as I know. 18 is supposed to be a good form to take (notice how it isn’t free?)

      I forget where I saw the study, but a medical school collected data on which study methods increased step scores the most efficiently. The best results were seen in students that did a lot of practice questions. I think the data was every 10 practice questions you do increases your score by 1 point, and every 1000 Anki cards increases your score by 1 point.

      I could have the exact numbers wrong, but the take home point was questions > Anki
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