Jan 13, 2016
Hello Everyone,

I would be applying next application cycle and I seemed to be worried on a single issue. I happen to have C- and D for College Reading and Expository Writing classes respectively during my Freshman semester for a reason simply put being 'unaware that grades for non-science courses do count.' (Yes, I am not kidding) However, I did well in other classes during that semester. Other than that my academic background has been decent (Rising senior with 3.53 cgpa even with those poor grades; Biochemistry Major).

My Pre-med advisor advised me to take upper level classes and do better in them. I took Expository and Research Writing and scored A and B in them respectively. However, I am worried if some Medical Schools wouldn't even consider application since some of them mention to have no grade lower than C. Should I retake those classes, considering Osteopathic Schools replace with new grades? Also, I happen to be an international applicant.

If possible could anyone please direct me directly to a Medical School webpage where I could ask them directly? Any help or advise or comment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!