Dec 2, 2010
Hi all,
I recently got my BS (3.46 cGPA w/ a upward trend) and will try my best to ace the MCAT (planning to apply to the top 4 for 2011 Sept semester). My problem now is that the earliest exam date available for me is Mar 26th, 2011 (I wouldn't be ready to take the test by Jan). Should I start applying now and submit the MCAT score later, which will only be released 30 days after the test date ? Would it be too late to apply for 2011 Fall semester ?
I really appreciate all advices !
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Jul 3, 2008
I would recommend you to apply after your MCAT scores are released :) Even if you for instance submit your applicaiton to the schools, I believe the admission office will place your file on hold until your MCAT scores are received. Applying then around April will not be too late in my opinoin for Fall semester. However I think admission for Fall semester is little competitive. Good luck :thumbup: