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Jul 7, 2001
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Apparently I'm an idiot, and although I had thought when I typed my personal statement into the amcas application, everything was okay... but anyway, to make a long story short, NONE OF MY INDENTATIONS WORKED. So rather than having a nice, well spaced and paragraphed essay, i just have ONE BIG BLOB.

I've already certified my application and AMCAS refuses to put in the correct indentations for me. They say I have to contact each of the medical schools which I have applied to individually and deal with them on that basis.

MY QUESTION IS HAS ANYONE HAD TO DO THIS? THIS SUCKS. Will med schools be cool with this? And, for worst case senerio... how well do you think a blobbed essay will look... I mean, it is obviously a computer glitch type of thing (i didn't WRITE the essay like that)
let me know


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Jan 17, 2001
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If you read the AMCAS instruction manual and FAQ it tells you that in the on-line printed version the formatting of the personal statement will be incorrect, however, the schools will receive a properly formatted essay.


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Jun 17, 2002
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This is actually a rather common problem, and there are multiple threads on here already regarding it. Basically from what i have gathered, if you typed in the spaces, but they just aren't showing up in the printed version, then the med schools will see the essay in the way you typed it. I believe on another thread someone said they actually called AMCAS and were told this by a person there. So, when you actually typed your essay into the box (or pasted it from word or something), if there were spaces then you should be fine. Again, this is just what i have read on here, if someone else knows differently, please let us know.
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