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Jul 16, 2003
New Jersey
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I need your help, Henna, I,m trying to get information on California bench exam, everything about that............and I ask all the SDN members who has any info on this please respond back, it would be a big help from you guys.
All right, firstable I,d like to give you my scores, I know it's not high enough but here it is :
NDB 1 - 80
NDB 2 - 75
Toefl - 250
GPA - 3.10
I'd like to know, Henna, if you know anything, with this test scores:
1. can I apply for the california bench test or no;
2. do they need a higher score to go to bench test or it's fine, just prepare myself and take it
3. if it is possible, how do i apply, when are the test are given?
So guys please help me out here, I'm open to any suggestions because i really want to get in as soon as possible.
Thank you Henna and guys in advance.
:clap: :clap: :clap:


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Apr 18, 2003
I think the DentistHusband and Organic are the best suited members to answer your questions Jojoz. In the mean time, try to read the FAQ thread, where Scott has shared some good info on the bench test.

btw, I do know CA board doesn't care about scores, as long as you've passed both boards. So that should give you some rest....

Good luck!


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Dec 3, 2001
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Nov 20, 2002
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Jo Jo -Z

the pool of possible candidates have already been set, the only qualification is that you have to pass both part1 and part2 before Dec 2003. you should invest some time doing a search in the forum and read old threads regarding to the Bench exam. The info is all out there.

DBC won't give out any application until the bill is passed and signed. Until now, officially, there is no more Bench exam and you can't ask for an application package.

you need to do a bit of homework by yourself.

check DBC website and there will be updated info
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