Retaking a Course

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Nov 15, 2020
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Hi everyone! I had a question about retaking a course. I didn't do good in Organic Chemistry. Got a C-. I know most schools are accepting pass/fail grades but they recommend a letter grade. Should I just put the course on pass/fail and take the "P"? I also was looking at how Optomcas reviews it and if I do not do the pass/fail and retake it then both grades will be incorporated into my gpa. Right now I am thinking I should just take the P and retake the course in the summer I will be applying.

Also wanted to ask how the process is for retaking the course at a different college.

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With some schools, if you do well on the corresponding organic section of the OAT then they don’t look at the grade on your transcript as heavily! The organic section on the oat is also very base-level orgo, I had a similar grade to yours at the end (I think a C or C+ but I don’t remember) so I just worked really hard on my oat prep and it didn’t hold me back from being accepted!
I would definitely take the letter grade, organic is known to be a tougher subject so I can imagine that programs understand why it might be a lower grade.