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Discussion in 'Step II' started by cheeskie, Jun 3, 2008.

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    Hello.....i am an FMG and i am scheduled to take step 2 cs on 6/23 and step 2 ck on 7/30.I need help to determine the following as i am just starting my preparations.Please i need help to determine any of the following:
    1]Is the time for both exams enough?
    2]What materials do i need to get for these exams.Please can u list what materials are considered an absolute must
    3]What qbank is considered an absolute must?
    4]Please any other advice will be highly appreciated.
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    #1 is a hard question to answer. I recommend that you take an NBME self assessment test ( I recommend taking NBME Form 1. See how you do and then plan your study schedule based on your performance.

    For CS, I recommend FIRST AID FOR STEP 2 CS. For CK, do the USMLEWORLD qbank. If you have more time, or need more practice, do the Kaplan qbank as well. If you need to listen to lectures, try the kaplan video lectures. Other good books are FIRST AID for Step 2 CK, Boards and Wards, Secrets or Crush and Step Up to Medicine.

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