Jun 11, 2009
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Hi I will be applying to medical school for this next application cycle and I am clearly not the best candidate so I wanted to see what you guys thought my chances of getting into M.D AND D.O. schools are.

At the time I apply I estimate my GPA to be about a 3.325
Bio 1: C
Bio 2: B
Bio Lab 1 : B
Bio lab 2: B+
Ecology: C
Gen Chem 1: B+
Gen Chem 2: A-
Physics 1: B
Physics 2: B
Physics Lab: B
O-Chem 1: C
Ochem 1 Lab; B
O-Chem 2: C
O-Chem 2 Lab: B
Calculus: A-

No other C's on my transcript, and alot of other A's that help balance out and bring my GPA to about a 3.3.

My MCAT I am taking in a month but my score should be around 32, so lets just assume I get a 32 on it.

Brain Tumor Research at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center started last August and continuing through next year.
Internship for a Pulmonary physician for 4 months
Random volunteer work here and there.

What are my chances of MD? DO?
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Sep 4, 2006
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With a 3.3 and 32 your chances at an MD acceptance, assuming optimal ECs, and strong LORs is 46.2%.

Source: Aggregated http://www.aamc.org/data/facts/applicantmatriculant/table24-mcatgpa-grid-3yrs-app-accpt.htm

EC-wise, other than the research, your activities are somewhat skimpy, considering that the average MD or DO applicant has about 1.5 years of clinical experience plus shadowing.

At least you have some other community service. How about leadership, teaching, hobbies, etc?


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Jul 6, 2006
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The fact that you don't even have one solid A in your prereqs is going to hold you back. Why are you assuming you'll get a 32? If you do, what're you doing different about studying for the MCAT and studying for class?

You need to take some upper division science classes to pull up that sGPA.
Jun 11, 2009
Medical Student
I also got an A in statistics, and with my other labs that I forgot to include my science GPA~3.00 which is not Ideal but I think that still keeps me competitive for DO schools.

Also, does it help that my Dad, Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin all graduated from NYCOM?
Mar 28, 2010
Also, does it help that my Dad, Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin all graduated from NYCOM?
Not unless they are in a position to directly influence the decision to accept you, which I highly doubt. Also, make sure that information is not mentioned anywhere in your application, personal statement or interview. From what I understand, adcoms despise nepotism.