Please tell me if this study plan is doable...

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Dec 29, 2005
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Hi, I'm scheduled to take the MCAT on May 31st but planning on rescheduling to June 15th. I took a Kaplan course beginning late January but I never got caught up with readings due to work and school. So basically, I haven't even finished content yet. :oops: Below is my plan for the next seven weeks, please let me know what you think and let me know whether it is realistic enough:

-2 AAMC tests/wk (Tues. and Saturdays) after school ends in two weeks. (this will allow me to take all 8 AAMC practice tests within the given timeframe)

-Review practice test answers on Weds. and Sundays

-Complete 2 Kaplan lecture reading materials/wk (i.e., BIO I, II, III; CHEM I, II, III, etc.) They are about 3-4 chapters long each, but I've read some of it already. This will allow me to finish content in 5 weeks. I'm just finishing up on my orgo II class and studying for the ACS comprehensive final so the ochem part of the review is taken cared of.

-Supplement with Examcrackers books as necessary (I switch back and forth between Kaplan and EK books, depending on the topic).

-The last two weeks prior to the MCAT, continue doing practice problems (Kaplan online material, EK 30-minute lecture exams, etc.) and focusing on weak areas.

I will only be working 20 hrs/wk in May and maybe 30 hrs/wk in June so I will have about 8hrs/day to study in May (1:30-9:30 pm daily, except Thursdays, which will be my "short" days).

Please give me your input/suggestions. I'm trying to avoid pushing the MCAT back to July just because I am worried about my application not being complete until mid-August, when the MCAT scores come in. Thanks again! :)

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bump... has anyone done 2 practice tests a week? Or is that too much? Thoughts please. :)
I think it seems doable. I did a practice test every three days for three weeks up until my actual mcat. As long as you get some quality study time with lots of practice you will be fine. Your schedule looked similiar to mine. Good luck with everything!
thanks, poppytart. i was beginning to wonder if i was being overzealous. how did you do on the MCAT? :)
Sounds quite doable. I did something kind of similar and am now two weeks out from the test.

My schedule was more like this:

4 weeks - Read the EK manuals twice, do all the practice problems, do all the lecture tests; at the end take an AAMC full length

3 weeks - read all the kaplan manuals, do everything listed on the syllabus for all content classes (except the PS and BS section tests for unit 3); Spend one day memorizing BS stuff and working PS subject tests; take one AAMC simulated full length timed per week on sunday.

1 week - Do one PS, one BS, and one VR section test every day (except sunday); research and make notes on one essay topic every day (except sunday); AAMC on sunday

1 week - Kaplan full lengths every day (except saturday/sunday) including essays; AAMC FL on sunday

1 week - Listen to audio osmosis CDs, read scholarly magazines VR style, but NO hard studying