1. Dental0928

    Dogs/Pets in Dental School!!!!

    Hey guys so I was just accepted to two dental schools yesterday, and now that the excitement has sunk in, the worry has begun lol. I want to hear from from current dental students ESPECIALLY if you go to Midwestern-IL, Roseman or Colorado :) Some background info on my situation: I got two...
  2. Feelgood MD

    Dr. Najeeb lectures - lifetime subscription today only for $10

    PSA Looks like this is a good time to invest in some Najeeb: World's Most Popular Medical Lectures
  3. squirrelnutkin

    Microbiology Lecture/Lab Requirements

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone out there will have some insight into this situation. At my undergrad, bio majors were required to take an advanced senior lab. My lab was Microbiology. On my transcript, the course is named Microbiology Lab. It was a 3-credit course w/ 1 hour lecture and 5 hours...
  4. D

    LECOM-Bradenton vs. VCOM-Auburn

    I have interviewed at both schools and really liked both. I'm having issues deciding. I learn best via conversation, talking things out. So the Lecture style at VCOM versus the PBL at LECOM isn't as cut and dry a choice. In the lecture, I am listening for hours. In PBL I am reading all day...
  5. T

    AMCAS Course Work Lecture and Lab Question

    I'm trying to figure out how to add some courses in. I have read through this section of the manual, but this is still unclear. I have lots of courses like this on my transcript: HumAnatomy & Physiology IIw/Lb Credit: 3.0 Grade: A HumAnatomy & Physiology IIw/Lb Credit: 1.0 Grade: A One is...
  6. D

    Advertisement MedWebinar: Fetal echocardiography: Recent achievements.

    Theme of the webinar: Fetal echocardiography: Recent achievements. Date: 05/18/2017 at 8:00 PM Moscow time Lecturer: Dr. Theodore Dubinsky To view the webinar, you must first register. Вебинары для врачей, онлайн-лекции с получением сертификатов|MedWebinar.org
  7. doc4kids93

    Does anyone have non-traditional way of taking notes?

    How do you take notes? My note taking has evolved over the years based on classes. My freshman year, I would use the traditional notebook and paper, but I found that I write too slow, so I started using a computer to type. My sophmore year, I would use a camera to record my physics lecture (with...
  8. medstudent257

    [Live Leak] Student rips hair out during chemistry exam

    Course Description: Are you a prospective college student? Do you have a desire for success? Learn how to avoid the clunky freshman transition and put yourself on a common sense path to success in college. You will learn all about common mistakes college students often make in their classes...
  9. Kea K

    Albert Einstein Class Schedule

    Hey everyone, I was just accepted off the HPWL. I just wanted to know if anyone attends this school... & does anyone have the specific lecture schedule. How many hours of lecture for each course in the curriculum. I know this was probably answered on interview day...but that day was oh so...
  10. Ismet

    2015-2016 Albert Einstein College of Medicine Application Thread

    Space reserved for prompt. Please PM the essays or lack thereof to me when the secondary is available and I will update this. Good luck to everyone applying! :luck:
  11. PTAwesome

    Podcasts and/or audio lectures to listen to during commute?

    I start PTA school in August and I have a 2hour 10 minute round trip commute (on a good day) that I will be making by driving my own car, presumably alone. Since public transportation is not an option, I cannot use this time to read texts or review notes so I'm looking for podcasts or audio...