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May 21, 2024
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Hey all
We started a podiatry podcast called Pod Patrol available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube:

We release weekly on Sunday AM and have 10 episodes out so far. We aim to make medical education entertaining 👍🏻
My podcast partner teaches at Scholl and my wife teaches at DMU.

What topics would students like to hear about in upcoming episodes?


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The term 'podiatry' is no longer used... everyone is a fellowship orthoplastic foot ankle shin nerve surgeon now.

GL... not sure it needs to be triple posted pre/student/resident SDN forums with a new account, but wish you luck on the videos. Maybe pick one forum and try to make convo to attempt promoting your podcast? (like dean chat tries to do in pre pod)

You also can buy ads for pod forums like the podiatry schools do if you email SDN or msg mods.
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Thanks for the info. I’ve been on SDN for 15+ years (user name jdikis) but don’t have access to my DMU email so I couldn’t find an alternative way to reset my password. It was easier to create a new account.
Hopefully our podcast helps shed some light on what Podiatry is like in the real world.
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