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7+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Oct 17, 2003
*,**, ***, ****, *****, ******, *******, ********:

(($150,000 X 1)(0.001*******)+($150,000 X 0.012********)-((30X110)-(the intrinsic value of your year off)-(the extrinisic value of your year off (any monetary gain))-(humility factor))

= If positive, do it....do it!
If negative, don't do it.

*You have no cell phone which provides long distance and a marginal toll call cost of 0$

**Retaking the MCAT ($185) is not in the picture

***If "**", is true, a prep-course is unnecessary

****The phone calls do not disrupt your work schedule

*****Average physicians salary is $150,000 per year at 2004 PPI

******Average pre-med waiting to hear back from those three schools as this statge in the game who must apply to an above average of 30 schools, at a rate of $110 per school

*******1:10000, the likeliehood that you are successful in gaining admissions from these phone calls. I got to tell you, this is a blanket guess. Anyone feel free to provide another variable and re-run the numbers

********2004 inflation rate
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