Possibly switching to Podiatry

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Oct 21, 2006
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First off...Good Afternoon...Thanks for looking at my thread...

Second....Just b/c my name is beside Pre-dental, DOESN'T mean I'm a wash-out, or trying to waste your time...I believe I am competitive in many branches of medicine, so please don't label as a dental-flunkie...etc...

After working in the Naval Reserves for 2 years now, I've became "friendly" (no sexual pun) w/ a podiatrist that works in my unit...We talked about my decision to pursue dentistry and told me to check out podiatry before I apply...

Well, I have...For the past 2 months I've been reading the threads here, reseaching, etc., etc....I can honestly say that I enjoyed it, and have seriously considered switching...I am shadowing a local podiatrist and I never thought it to be so interesting. (I spent 6 years active-duty as a Navy Corpsman and never experienced working in podiatry)...It's definitely a wonderful profession that many pre-health students should look into....

I'm applying to dental school as planned, but also would like to apply to podiatry schools aswell......I know, I know someone will say "you need to stay commited to 1 field..." Please spare me...I do not need a lecture, b/c many aspects of medicine interest me...I can surely see myself as either....I do know the differences between residencies, etc, etc.....

However, there is a snag...I can tell by reading former threads that the application cycle starts in Sept, correct?
After 2 years of school I'm starting my senior year this fall. I have taken pretty much all prereq's + upper level bio - physics (taking this fall)..

1) Could I apply in Sept and still be considered competitive based on GPA, extra-curricular activities, minority, military service, LOR, etc?---This would be until JANUARY (after I can take atleast physics portion of MCAT and do okay)
(check out my profile for extra-curr. info)

2) or should I wait until JAN. after physics1 to take MCAT apply/submit.

Taking (cell bio, physics1, genetics, & ecology) in fall so I should hopefully be around 3.5+ afterwards...

Please let me know..Thanks in advance...This is a profession that I wish I had know more about before I started on my dental stuff...There just aren't enough podiatrists in the Navy that I've been exposed to...

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Apply in the fall. You have a good GPA and many schools will accept on a conditional basis. Study hard for the MCAT but dont take it until you have finished physics 1 and are well into physics 2. Or if you are just that good - go for it. There are a lot of questions on heat transfer, sound and optics that I remeber from the test and those are all from physics 2. Slow down, do well and justify why you feel podiatry could suite you better than dentistry. Look at everything you can. Good luck!!!!

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If you feel competent enough to take the physics portion of the MCAT then go ahead and do so. But I remembered that I took at least a year worth of physics before I felt ready to take the physics section of the MCAT. I recommend that you take a couple of practice MCAT exams so you can get a good range of the type of score you can achieve. Quite honestly, I think you should take the MCAT after your second course of physics(the more exposure the more better). With a limited amount of knowledge of physics I think you will only receive a sub-par score on the MCAT, which is still very acceptable for many pod schools. But why be mediocre when you can be exceptional in terms of the MCAT?
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i would definitely wait until you complete physics II. admissions will understand the reason you are holding back the mcat...you could throw that in somewhere on an essay perhaps or on an LOR (explaining why you're waiting). i wouldnt have been ready for the physical sciences section without physics II. Take my advice FWIW.
Agreed. Take physics II. There is no reason why you couldn't take it in Jan, with conditionals. :luck:
Agreed. Take physics II. There is no reason why you couldn't take it in Jan, with conditionals. :luck:

Ok....I will take MCAT in ~Jan while I'll be in Physics II. I believe I will be good enough to wing the rest of it since I will at least have physics I fresh on my mind...

I don't plan on "killing" that section, but I will be stronger in the biological & other physical science section to help compensate..

Thanks 4 the input guys...I'll definitely apply in Sept. and go from there..