Warning For those applying to podiatry school:

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May 14, 2014
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Let me just say one thing to those thinking they should go to podiatry school.

Do not.

I've been practicing for years and I ask you to crunch the numbers for a second.

you can expect possibly to make as much as a fast food manager with twice the workload, 10x the stress and 300,000x the debt.

if your applying to be a "doctor" you are being prideful.

that is all.

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This is the pre-pod forum.

There's plenty in the attending forum that covers this topic.
We have repeatedly told pre-pods to shadow carefully and read the attending forums before deciding.


Edit: for those of you unhappy with this decision just look at how many threads OP is necrobumping with the same type of comments and his message history before assuming I am locking for no reason.
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