Post Bac Programs require the MCAT?

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Apr 13, 2008
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Hello everyone,

I have been lurking around SDN for quite a while and decided to ask for help.
I was a financial analyst, and decided that this was not for me and embarked on the premed track for a year now. I have been working in a DO's office since 1999 to put me through the MBA.
To make a long story short, I started post bac prog at Hofstra in NY, and have a current GPA , science only of 3.2 it will get to 3.5 after this semester is over. I would love to attend PCOM -GA as a med school, most because of their PBL, and I am seriously considering moving down there and continuing my post bac with them. The problems is that on their site, as adimssion requirements they need a MCAT score. Well, I do not have one, I am just doing pre-reqs now.
Question was did anyone get in the post bac with them without the MCAT? They look like they take only stundets that have been on this track for a while and want to imrpove GPA, not students that are looking to do prereqs now? Any ideea if succesfully finishing a program with them will enhance my chances to be admitted?

Really appreciate all your help,

Thank you