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Post-Bac vs. Grad

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by MTY, Nov 9, 1999.

  1. MTY


    hi guys, i think this is a good issue that requires good input and suggestions from you.
    my friend is asking if he should join post-bac program or grad program to increase his GPA. which pathway will increase his chance of getting accepted to med school?
  2. Tanya

    Tanya Senior Member
    10+ Year Member

    Sep 9, 1999
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    Im not sure which way will guarantee acceptance to medical school. The advantage that post-bac programs have is that there are may set up for Pre-meds to finish their requirements. They have advisors and programs to help you with the admissions process. There might not be the same kind of support in a Grad program. At the same time a Masters degree does look impressive. You also have to keep in mind that med school may not accept you until you have finished your graduate degree which takes about 2 years or more.
    I took the option of taking post-bac biology classes to boost my GPA. Im not in a post-bac program so Im my own advisor. I can pick any classes I want, but sometimes wish I had the support of other classmates in the similar situation as there would be in a defined post-bac program.
  3. Henry

    Henry Senior Member
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    Dec 30, 1998
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    Allopathic schools usually don't count graduate gpa as part of the application. Most DO schools do consider both. So I suggest your friend to go for post-bacc.

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