Post Baccalaureate Pre-Dental Programs guaranteeing Dental School Admission

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Dec 19, 2015
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Does anyone know of any post baccalaureate programs that upon successful completion, they will guarantee you a spot in their next matriculating dental school class?

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Baylor has a post-bacc that guarantees admission but it's for Texas residents only.
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You won't find many guaranteed post-baccs for dental schools.

If you do, they're usually very state-specific to catering for their residents, and the schools have quota agendas that they must fulfill.
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Do all 16 post bac students actually get in after completion of program??? I didn't see anything about guaranteed admission
You have to meet the required post bacc GPA and DAT score set by the program. If you make the GPA and the DAT score you're guaranteed a spot in the next class. If not, you get the boot.
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I believe University of Colorado has one too? Not sure though

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Temple University
- professionalism
- 3.5 post-bacc GPA
- 20 DAT AA (i believe its 20 AA only )
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