Post-doc licensure hours for license in NYS

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Sep 17, 2018
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I'm a recent graduate of an APA-accredited PhD program, and am looking into getting licensed by New York State. I'm quite confused by the NYS licensure website, and was hoping someone could help me out. (I called and spoke to someone and am still confused.) I'm working as a visiting prof for the next two years and not employed at a clinic.

Most of my confusion is about this section:

One year of the following types of experience may be accepted provided that it integrates psychological knowledge and application:
  • A university approved doctoral level practicum, internship, field experience or applied research as long as the research experience is not a part of your dissertation or thesis requirement;
  • Teaching psychology, as a university or college faculty member may be accepted provided it meets all the requirements for supervised experience.
My APA-accredited internship counts as the first. My confusion is whether these things are mutually exclusive. I'm teaching four classes now—I don't have the time to get 16 hours a week of patient time (the minimum required for part-time work). So does my teaching count as well as my internship? (Can I accumulate the rest of my required hours through teaching full-time this year?)

Happy to give more details via PM if anyone needs them. Thanks for any help folks can provide!

(And yes, obviously my teaching would need to be supervised as they outline.)

(P.S. SDN won't let me post a link to the licensure website, but google "nysed psychology licensure" if you want to see more.)