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Jan 19, 2010
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I could use some advice about how to map out my current job options. Eventually, I hope to transition to a more clinical career, but now I need to make money with my degree. The way I see it, I could either: 1. research in academia 2. consulting 3. administration.

Though I have my mph, I really have trouble organizing papers and with interviewing. I tend to make things complicated for my papers and then it becomes impossible to organize such masses of information. In my interviewing, I tend to get bored with survey design and have messy questionnaires. Then in the actual interview, I have trouble not overleading the interview.

Right now, I'm trying to figure out what jobs I can get that will not overpressure my weaknesses. I am good at analysis, stat's and more structured uses of data. Though I mention my weaknesses, I did -just get my mph from an Ivy (where I also did my undergrad). My weaknesses are real, but I have strengths in areas despite my weaknesses.

Are there any ways to use my degree given this?
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