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Practicing Podiatry In foreign countries?

Discussion in 'Podiatry Students' started by cool_vkb, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. cool_vkb

    cool_vkb Member
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    Jun 24, 2006
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    Podiatry Student
    What are the countries that allow US podiatrists to practice in their countries. i love travelling and i wanna practice podiatry in other countries for short period of time.

    I know for sure these countries do allow US graduates if we meet their requirements and have to sit for some exams.

    - Canada

    - Australia (Full scope as US Podiatrists. but salaries are devastating, AUS $50000-60000. In terms of US $ its very low.

    - Middle east : Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar

    (good salaries and US scope of Practice, if we get a job from a recruiting agency here in us, they even provide free accomodation & tickets, 40-50 days paid vaccation and tax free salary.I have relative working as Physicians there. So i know this for sure.)

    - Spain (i dont know the scope of practice)

    - South Africa (i dont know the scope of practice)

    - Germany (this is unconfirmed, but just overheard from someone)

    I know england has Podiatry but i heard its more like Physical Theraphy and care taker type. Its not advanced like US style.

    Do you guys know any other countries we can practice after graduation. i really wanna know abt India. does anyone abt podiatry in india. i did a lot of search in google, no clue yet.
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  3. Catayst

    Catayst Hardest working man in toe business
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    Jun 10, 2006
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