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Aug 11, 2000
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I'm sure many of y'all got this email from the NRMP, but I figured I'd post it for everyone else. This should answer many of the questions about what is and is not allowed prior to Match. I highlighted the key parts:


Section 6.0 of the Agreement contains the following language:

“One of the purposes of the Matching Program is to allow both applicants
and programs to make selection decisions on a uniform schedule and without
undue or unwarranted pressure. Both applicants and programs may express
a high degree of interest in each other and try to influence future ranking
decisions in their favor, but must not make statements implying a commitment.

It is a material breach of this Agreement for a participant in the Matching
Program to make any verbal or written contract for appointment to a concurrent year residency position prior to the Matching Program. In addition, although applicants or programs may volunteer how they plan to rank each other, it is a material breach of this Agreement to request such information.
Only the final preferences of programs and applicants, as reflected in
their final certified rank order lists, will determine the offering of
positions and the placement of applicants through the Matching Program.”

We have received reports that a few programs have contacted applicants
to ask them whether they intend to rank the program. In some cases, the
programs have told the applicants that unless they commit to ranking the
program highly on their rank order lists, the programs will not rank the

Such communication with applicants is a clear violation of the NRMP's Match
Participation Agreement. Please note that Section 6.0 of the Agreement
states: " [A]lthough applicants or programs may volunteer how they plan
to rank each other, it is a material breach of this Agreement to request
such information."

Of course, it is possible that programs misunderstand the intent of the
Match Participation Agreement, which states that programs and applicants
may try to influence ranking decisions and may volunteer information about
how they plan to rank each other. A program may make statements such as
"You are one of the finest applicants we have seen this year. We plan to
rank you highly." However, the program cannot ask an applicant how the
applicant plans to rank the program, or make ranking the applicant contingent
upon the applicant's agreement to rank the

If you have questions about these requirements, please contact our Help
Desk Specialists at [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>. Our best wishes
for a successful Match!

NRMP Staff


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