Sep 13, 2015
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
I wanted to go into pharmacy ever since I could remember, but after shadowing a bit at an independent pharmacy I'm having some doubts. I think I'm more interested in compounding, though I'm not sure what I can do with just that. I've heard reps from USC say that there are different fields pharmacists can go into such as clinical, retail, industry, etc. but I've only heard from people mostly in clinical and retail and rarely from industry so what exactly do pharmacists do in industry? As far as I know it seems the pharmaceutical companies hire mostly PhD's with background in pharmaceutical sciences so what do pharmacists do in the companies exactly?

Also, I was thinking of doing a dual degree in getting a PharmD/master's in management in drug development as I know USC offers some dual degree programs. I'm just wondering what advantages the master's degree would open up. Would that offer more opportunities in the pharm companies since you'll have more specialization in the field?