Jul 3, 2020
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Hey guys,
I feel like my situation is a bit unique/abnormal. I went to a university that had a pre-pharmacy program, 2+3 (2 years undergrad + 3 years pharm school). Like a lot of high school students, I went into it without really knowing what I was getting myself into. tldr; I just finished my sophomore year (thus incoming pharm student) and decided that I should drop pharmacy to pursue med (which I know 100% i want to pursue). The problem is, my accelerated pharm program is infamous for screwing up GPA +doesn't give you enough time for ANY EC's. I was lucky enough to maintain a 3.8cGPA/sGPA, but my lack of EC's worries me, since I'm "behind" other pre-meds. If I drop pharm, I would take another year of undergrad to finish my BS.

My question is, is it worth dropping a guaranteed pharmacy school acceptance for hope of medical school? And how could I catch up EC wise?
I'm genuinely conflicted so any advice/opinions would help. Thanks :)


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Sep 20, 2015
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how could I catch up EC wise
Spend 2-3 hours a week doing clinical volunteering (e.g. hospital, clinic, etc.) or get a clinical job (scribe, MA, CNA, etc.), spend 2-3 hours a week doing non-clinical volunteering, especially with under-served populations (homeless shelter, ESL tutoring, etc.), try to get research experience, though not strictly necessary (top schools definitely require it), ~50 hours of shadowing, especially primary care, try to get some leadership (e.g. in clubs). I think that should cover all your bases. More is generally better obviously. Also make sure you do stuff you find interesting and don't do stuff solely because you think it'll look good.
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