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PRecal on the PCAT

Discussion in 'PCAT Discussions' started by infused, May 28, 2008.

  1. infused

    infused 7+ Year Member

    Mar 7, 2008
    Hello i just have a quick question, how much of precal is actually on the

    PCAT? I'll be entering pre-pharmacy this fall 08 and I am debating if i should

    enter straight into Calculus or Precal. I'm taking Ap Calculus right now as

    a senior but I had a horrible teacher for precal during junior i was

    thinking if the PCAT doesn't have much precal..i should just enter straight in

    calculus 1.

    thx in advance.
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  3. Farcus

    Farcus 10+ Year Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    My Bed
    it has everything from 1+1, all the way to finding the area under the tangent line so yes pre-cal is needed so take it again.

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