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HM(1,2 or 3?):

It does not. Unless you have completed OIS or AOCS you will get the pleasure of attending. I'm sure you'll find it much more gentlemanly than boot camp and Newport is a sweet place to be, especially in the summer.

I'm a prior active duty naval aviator now doing HPSP. Feel free to PM with any other questions you might have. Also there are two active duty flight surgeons who frequent this board, NavyDiveDoc and IwakuniDoc (I think?) so posting your questions here will usually get them answered.

Best of luck,



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The good thing is that you will be a very well paid O-3E when you return to active duty!

You will have to go through OIS, but you will find it to be a vacation and a good place to meet your future collegues in crime. And nurses.

Anybody left at Camp P? I heard it was going to be an empty place in mid-March.
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