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Aug 1, 2006
Hello All
I had one of my professor send a recommendation letter and in the "course taught" section he wrote a wrong course that he didn't teach me. Actually he got confused as I took part I with him and part II with another professor. Now If I ask antoher professor to write me a LOR he is going to put down the same course in the evaluation form.So i will have two LORs with same course taught by two professors.
How do i solve this problem??

Please advise.
by the way, My stats: Overall Undegrade GPA = 3.6, with Bachelors Degree in Electrical engineering, Pre-pharmacy GPA= 3.9. PCAT = 93% composite. 6 months volunteering experience as a tutor at a community college and 2 months in the ER.
What are my chances??
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