1. bonechewer

    MCAT testing with executive dysfunction

    I'm in the process of filing my testing accommodation request, but I was wondering if anyone who has executive dysfunction has any study skills. I'm pretty bad with time and with making myself sit down and do things (mostly because keep delaying everything from not perceiving time well, or...
  2. S

    1.5x Extended Time on CARS strategy

  3. TheOnlinePharmacist

    Do you think compounding pharmacists should have to send out samples for testing before dispensing?

    We learned some interesting things in class today that occur prior to a new drug being released on the drug market, and I found it crazy how there's a whole 10-20 year process involving pre-examining, testing on animals, more examining and trials, all leading to the last step which is to test...
  4. P

    Testing Center Error. Do I retake?

    I got a 22 AA and a 21 TS, but my testing computer shut off during the PAT and when it turned back on, I lost 6 minutes. So I only ended up scoring a 16 in that section. The ADEA says my only options are to either keep those scores or I could invalidate these scores and retake the whole thing...
  5. Piglet2020

    Where can I buy noise cancelling ear muffs (like ones in MCAT centers)?

    I just want to know a good brand for noise cancelling ear muffs so I could study without distractions. I liked the ones in my MCAT testing center... not sure about the brand though. Does anyone have a brand they can recommend? Thanks.
  6. chemdoctor

    How to get over testing anxiety?

    Any tips on how to get over testing anxiety? I keep getting stupid questions wrong, and they're easy questions. It's getting really frustrating. How can I get over the anxiety that I have? I'm sick of making stupid mistakes.
  7. H

    CLEP Tests

    Hey guys! I tried searching the AMCAS website, SDN threads, and Google and I couldn't find an answer, so I hope someone here knows! I'm wanting to take CLEP and DANTES/DSST exams to test out of some non-prerequisite courses, but I don't want to risk hurting my application if I fail. So what...
  8. O

    Neuropsychology Questions

    I am very interested in becoming a neuropsychologist. I find it to be a very interesting field but I also want to be a child psychologist. Can someone tell me the steps in detail to become a neuropsychologist and a child psychologist? What do you have to study? How hard are the subjects? Where...
  9. ZappaPrez

    Projective / Apperception Tests

    I am looking for some older/rare/foreign projective and apperception assessments. I hope there are some people out there that can assist me! I am looking for a "HOLTZMAN INKBLOT TECHNIQUE, FORM A" (I would be interested in a Form B for the right price) the most! I am also looking for a...
  10. B

    Drug Testing?

    Hello everyone. I have been accepted to a university in my home state of Tennessee and am very excited! I was wondering however if pharmacy schools in Tennessee drug test and when? My orientation is coming up in a couple of weeks then the semester in August. Does anyone know if schools in...
  11. Fancy312


    Okay so, I have never posted on here, but I really, really need some last minute advice since my DAT is in one week. I have been doing the usual, DAT DESTROYER/ DATBOOTCAMP/ KAPLAN 2015 DAT BOOK/ FERALIS/CRACK DAT PAT section A lot of this has been overwhelming since I keep trying to focus on...
  12. D

    Worried about drug test after summer Amsterdam (Penn, UCONN, Columbia, NYU, Temple, Roseman, UCLA)

    Hello SDN, Before we start, I know some of you have qualms about illicit drug use and the like. For those people, I am not a regular user, will not use in dental school, and any prior use (I think twice now) is legal in my state. Thus, please do not get in a ethical argument with me, I just...