1. SwolePharmacist

    Do you think compounding pharmacists should have to send out samples for testing before dispensing?

    We learned some interesting things in class today that occur prior to a new drug being released on the drug market, and I found it crazy how there's a whole 10-20 year process involving pre-examining, testing on animals, more examining and trials, all leading to the last step which is to test...
  2. P

    Testing Center Error. Do I retake?

    I got a 22 AA and a 21 TS, but my testing computer shut off during the PAT and when it turned back on, I lost 6 minutes. So I only ended up scoring a 16 in that section. The ADEA says my only options are to either keep those scores or I could invalidate these scores and retake the whole thing...
  3. Piglet2020

    Where can I buy noise cancelling ear muffs (like ones in MCAT centers)?

    I just want to know a good brand for noise cancelling ear muffs so I could study without distractions. I liked the ones in my MCAT testing center... not sure about the brand though. Does anyone have a brand they can recommend? Thanks.
  4. C

    How to get over testing anxiety?

    Any tips on how to get over testing anxiety? I keep getting stupid questions wrong, and they're easy questions. It's getting really frustrating. How can I get over the anxiety that I have? I'm sick of making stupid mistakes.
  5. H

    CLEP Tests

    Hey guys! I tried searching the AMCAS website, SDN threads, and Google and I couldn't find an answer, so I hope someone here knows! I'm wanting to take CLEP and DANTES/DSST exams to test out of some non-prerequisite courses, but I don't want to risk hurting my application if I fail. So what...
  6. O

    Neuropsychology Questions

    I am very interested in becoming a neuropsychologist. I find it to be a very interesting field but I also want to be a child psychologist. Can someone tell me the steps in detail to become a neuropsychologist and a child psychologist? What do you have to study? How hard are the subjects? Where...
  7. ZappaPrez

    Projective / Apperception Tests

    I am looking for some older/rare/foreign projective and apperception assessments. I hope there are some people out there that can assist me! I am looking for a "HOLTZMAN INKBLOT TECHNIQUE, FORM A" (I would be interested in a Form B for the right price) the most! I am also looking for a...
  8. B

    Drug Testing?

    Hello everyone. I have been accepted to a university in my home state of Tennessee and am very excited! I was wondering however if pharmacy schools in Tennessee drug test and when? My orientation is coming up in a couple of weeks then the semester in August. Does anyone know if schools in...
  9. Fancy312


    Okay so, I have never posted on here, but I really, really need some last minute advice since my DAT is in one week. I have been doing the usual, DAT DESTROYER/ DATBOOTCAMP/ KAPLAN 2015 DAT BOOK/ FERALIS/CRACK DAT PAT section A lot of this has been overwhelming since I keep trying to focus on...
  10. D

    Worried about drug test after summer Amsterdam (Penn, UCONN, Columbia, NYU, Temple, Roseman, UCLA)

    Hello SDN, Before we start, I know some of you have qualms about illicit drug use and the like. For those people, I am not a regular user, will not use in dental school, and any prior use (I think twice now) is legal in my state. Thus, please do not get in a ethical argument with me, I just...