1. A

    WAMC/School List for Non-Trad MD/PhD Applicant

    Hey folks, I'm a non-traditional pre-med applicant (late 20s, male) preparing to apply for the 2023-24 cycle. I'm planning on exclusively applying to MSTP/MD-PhD programs (also posted in the Pre-Med stickied WAMC thread though), and I mostly wanted to seek advice about my school list and gauge...
  2. A

    WAMC/School List for Non-Trad MD/PhD Applicant

    Hey folks, I'm a non-traditional pre-med applicant (late 20s, male) preparing to apply for the 2023-24 cycle. I'm planning on exclusively applying to MSTP/MD-PhD programs (so likely also going to post in the Physician Scientist community to solicit their advice too), and I mostly wanted to seek...
  3. Peritus_Medicus

    Clueless MD/PhD Looking for Residency App Advice

    Hello - rising 2nd year MSTP student here. Apologies if this question has already been asked, but I'm looking for some advice on how to best use my *many* years in medical school to put me in the best position for residency since I have no idea what residency apps look like. (note: idk what...
  4. C

    MSTP WAMC + School List Help

    Hello, I plan on applying straight from undergrad (no gap years) in the upcoming 2023 cycle and was wondering if I'm a competitive applicant for MSTP programs. Asian male (Ivy undergrad) Not a minority, low SES, or disadvantaged These stats are projected to the end of my junior year aka time...
  5. F

    how do mdphd programs view multiple mcat scores

    just wondering how multiple scores are viewed.. thanks.
  6. H

    MD/PhD Competitiveness/School List

    Hello, I have been working in research full-time after graduating and am wondering if MDPhD would be an option for me. I know I would not be competitive enough for T10 schools but that’s okay with me. Date of Submission: Spring 2023 cGPA: 3.78 sGPA: 3.72 MCAT: 514 (no retakes) Residence...
  7. C

    MD/PhD Program Stipend Transparency

    In the spirit of transparency, we would love to make a resource where prospective students can understand exactly how their stipends break down after taxes/fees and gain a sense for any additional affordability factors that are offered by their program or city. This project started as an effort...
  8. K

    MD/PhD Reapplication if Previously Accepted at Other Program(s)

    Hi everyone, I have been accepted at one MD/PhD program so far, and I am waiting for (admission and interview invitation) decisions at others. I think I will withdraw admission at my accepted program because of the location. Since applying, I have realized that I want to be in/near NYC for the...
  9. M

    Prospects for MD/PhDs in plastics

    Haven't found any information regarding a surgeon-scientist career with plastics nor residency applications for MD/PhDs so I'd like to hear any insights from these topics: I'm a current MSTP (MS2) student at a T10 with a home plastics program. PhD will be in Regenerative Sciences. Interest in...
  10. petomed

    Nontrad MD-PhD with weak stats but strong direction

    MD-PhD's are the high rung concerning competitiveness. Can anyone speak to knowing someone who gained acceptance with a < 512 MCAT and/or < 3.7 GPA? How did the rest of their application resolve these crucial deficits? Is there any value added by having not just passion for research, but a...
  11. moralis

    A hypothetical question—

    The following I've always wondered about— Let's say there is this scenario: Someone starts out as a student interested in both basic research and practicing medicine. He learns about MD/PhD programs, which allow him to do just this, and successfully matriculates into one. He continues the track...
  12. M

    MD/PhD nontrad

    I'm in a good position to be applying to PhD programs in my field... but I also have this really strong desire to go to medical school. It got so bad that I decided not to matriculate for my PhD this cycle (also bc of the pandemic). I'd like to matriculate MD/PhD. The issue I have is that...
  13. premed-int'l

    MD & DO WAMC: International Student, 510 MCAT, 3.91 GPA

    I'm applying to MD-PhD programs. I have around 200 hours of shadowing, 2000 hours of scribing, 400 hrs of volunteering (clinical), 100 hrs of tutoring at Adult learning centers, a master's (thesis-based) in neurosurgery and chemical engineering, 4000 hrs of research and 6 publications, 4...
  14. bsneuroscience

    Is it worth it?

    Hi all, I am currently a junior in undergrad on the premed track and I would appreciate some guidance on my path before I continue forward. I posted this in the r/premed forum but I wanted to get more insight. This pandemic has given me a lot of time to think, reflect, and soul search. One of...
  15. L

    Affordable Pre-Med Advising (MD/DO/MD-PhD/any health related professions)--Personal Statements, Experiences, Secondaries, Interviews, Pre-Med Path

    Are you applying this cycle or just trying to navigate all of the myths and confusion as a pre-med? We got you! Medical school acceptance isn't just about GPA and MCAT scores! Branding, personal statement, experiences, recommendation letters, school list, secondaries, and interviews are all...
  16. aliceofbattenberg

    Step 1 and 2 timing for current M2s

    Hi all, Our school has given us some flexibility in terms of when we want to take Step 1 and Step 2, and I'm having trouble wading through the many pros and cons for these options, especially since getting dates with Prometric has become nearly impossible. My school is 2-4-2 and I will have...
  17. C

    WAMC (MD/PhD) - cGPA 3.95, MCAT 523

    Planning on applying to MD/PhD programs this coming cycle and I'm in a bit of a pickle as to narrowing down the school list. Just for context here's a bit about my stats/where I'm at: Current junior at T20, ORM sGPA 3.93, cGPA 3.95 (not counting this semester), MCAT 523 (130/130/131/132) 3...
  18. D


  19. M

    How does an applicant apply competitively when GPA is an issue

    Hello friends, I was directed here from the Reddit MD/PhD community and I was wondering if I could get some advice on applying to MD/PhD programs. Basically, I worry that my lower GPA will make many programs overlook my application, and I'm wondering what you guys would advise in terms of...
  20. G

    Thoughts/advice on applying to MD/PhD Programs

    Hello SDN, I'm currently planning on applying to MD/PhD programs in the coming summer/fall. I'll briefly post my stats and relevant experiences below, and some concerns I have. Any thoughts and advice will be greatly appreciated! -cGPA: 3.6 (sharp incline after sophomore year, ended with three...
  21. falarm

    Seeking advice on research

    Hello all, I'll preface this by saying that I can't identify any reason why the physician-scientist route isn't a good fit for me. I'd like to seek the advice of the wise among you as I begin to make tougher decisions on the direction I take my research. So far I have loved being a generalist...
  22. C

    How do I make an application worthy of MD or MD/PhD (Duke-NUS)

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to go through what I have written. I'll try to be as succinct as possible. I am entering my Masters of Science (By Research) in Bioinformatics (2 year program) starting January 2020. Following the completion of my masters, I want to enter...
  23. T

    Applying to MD/PhD programs, should I email faculty about interest in their labs?

    Hey guys, I was working on my UT southwestern secondary and saw that for MD/PhD it requests a list of 5 faculty whose research interests me. For this program, and the others I am applying to, would it be worthwhile to email these professors to let them know my interest, and ask more about their...
  24. T

    What are my chances for an MD/PhD program? Above average stats, decent research experience, below average ECs

    Hey guys, I am planning on applying to several MD/PhD programs this upcoming cycle and was wondering my chances at mid to upper tier programs. Stats: 522, 3.85, attended regular large state school- Texas (nothing too special). Research experience: I have spent two years in a computational drug...
  25. H

    UCSF vs Gates Scholarship (plz help)

    Hi Everyone! I'm incredibly fortunate to have received acceptances from both UCSF and the Gates-Cambridge Scholarship for a PhD in Computer Science at Cambridge University (waitlisted UCSF MSTP). If I went to UCSF I would send a strong LOI and likely convert to MSTP later if not accepted...
  26. babykarat

    MD/PhD WAMC + School List Advice

    deleted for privacy
  27. babykarat

    MD/PhD WAMC + School List Advice

    deleted for privacy
  28. Snaketail

    MD WAMC / MD-PhD School List?

  29. M

    Decline in international MD/PhD acceptances

    I'm an international student planning on applying to MD/PhD programs in the upcoming cycle. I knew this was going to be an uphill battle and that things would be stacked against me as an international student so last year I made a spreadsheet including every program that said they accepted...
  30. S

    MSTP (MD/PhD Programs)

    What is considered strong research experience for an MSTP (MD/PhD) Program? Especially at schools such as Columbia, UPenn, etc. How many hours, publications, presentations (and which conferences), etc?
  31. S

    Applying to MSTP (MD-PhD) Programs Advice?

    I plan on applying to MD/PhD schools cycle 2022-2023. Hi guys, I just wanted to post this hear for feedback on how I should improve my application before I apply (will be applying in 2022), as well as any advice anyone has. I've put my stats down below and if anyone could give some advice, it...
  32. M

    Freshman Premed - Need advice

    Hi, I am a freshman premed majoring in Medical Studies at Arizona State University. I need a sense of direction as I begin the path to prepare for admission to medical school. My goal is to become a surgeon-scientist, so I primarily want to apply to MD-PhD programs. I am an Indian American, so I...
  33. T

    Should I quit research???

    So, I wanted to get some opinions on whether or not I should quit research. I've been working in a lab since my freshman year (now a junior). When I got to college, I wasn't sure whether I wanted to purse grad school or med school. After talking to advisors and professors, they all seemed to...
  34. F

    Ready to Consider Reapplying MD/PhD, how to do it right?

    I'm at the point where I'm mentally preparing to apply next cycle. I applied to 22 schools all MD/PhD with the following stats: GPA/BCPM-GPA: 3.62/3.70 MCAT: 515 uGrad: Bioengineering and Nutritional Science double major from top 15 university Masters: Biomedical Engineering Research: 5 years...
  35. S

    Low GPA, 4.0 masters, high mcat- MD/PhD

    Hello, fellow SD'ers. So, I'm currently an undergrad/masters student whos applying MD/ Ph.D. this coming cycle and I was wondering if I could get some help/opinions. So I go to a relatively average school nothing with real name recognition. While doing my undergrad I kinda goofed and ended up...
  36. Clementine1863

    Recommendation letter from new gap year mentor

    I started working full-time at a new institution for my gap year in June, and I did not ask for a recommendation letter from my new mentor for my primary app (as I thought it wasn't enough time for him to get to know me/work together/write a whole letter). Does it look like a red flag if I do...
  37. FutureNeuro328

    I am applying MD/PHD exclusively. Would you please chance my stats for admission?

    This is my first post here, so please bear with me. •Degrees Awarded: -Bachelor's of Science in Materials Physics -Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry -Minor in Nanoscale Science •Institution Info: -Overall GPA: 3.66 -BCPM GPA: 3.63 -Major GPA: 3.77 -4 year institutional GPA: 3.94...
  38. T

    Please evaluate my situation - rising Junior for MD-PhD

    Hi all, thank you for taking your valuable time to review this post. I am a rising junior at UNC-Chapel Hill, majoring in BS Chemistry. I was on edge about whether or not to commit to the MD-PhD route until recently. Here's a brief story, I was born with multiple congenital diseases and into...
  39. GoKnights96

    Please chance me

    Hey, guys! I was looking around online for some resources that could help me out, and I came across this cool site! (I seriously can't believe I am just now hearing of this.) I am new to this, so if this post doesn't belong here, please let me know. I was wondering if you all could chance me on...
  40. C

    Applied Epidemiologist...Questions About The Paths of Becoming One.

    Greetings Friends, I would like to ask for some insight regarding some questions I have about being an applied epidemiologist and the various educational routes that lead to this kind of position. Working at the CDC EIS seems to be the dream for this line of work. (See CDC's side about epi...