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Mar 3, 2017
I will be taking physics II in the winter semester. However, it will not appear on my transcript that I will be sending soon as I need permission to take physics ii (since I am a upper year student) from the science faculty and according to the science faculty, my request will be reviewed in December.

I am certain my request will be accepted because I was able to take many courses outside of my program.

My question is that can I enter physics II on PTCAS and say its planned/in progress? I know when I submit my transcript next week or so, it won't show that I am planning on doing physics II in the winter semester. So will this be a problem?

Also, how do I count Pre-GPA? The college I am planning to apply says any two courses in chemistry/biology. Biology can mean General biology courses, or neuroscience, ecology, plant biology etc.. so when counting my pre-gpa what courses do I use? Do I just use my best courses? Is it like we get a choice to pick w.e courses we want to satisfy the biology/chemistry requirement?
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