PTCAS transcript status

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Aug 4, 2018
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I sent in my transcripts a couple of weeks ago, and the status for both says "arrived." I have submitted my application and paid the fee, but my application status says "received" rather than complete. Should my transcript status be changed to received? How long does it take for PTCAS to review my transcripts? I know that for an application status to be considered complete they must have received all transcripts and fee payment. Does the "arrived" transcript status mean my application is still not ready? I'm a little confused about the transcript status so any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hey there! The status for transcripts stays as Arrived (mine did), but once you submit/pay at least one of you applications, the application status will go from Received>Complete>Verified. I submitted a few some time last week on Wed/Thurs and PTCAS sent me an email today (Tuesday the following week) that my stuff has all been verified. It varies by person in terms of the verification process too, but I'd give it some time because I think PTCAS said it can be even longer than a week for verification.
I submitted my application on Saturday and I got an email today (Tuesday) that my transcripts were reviewed. If it has been longer than a week since you submitted, maybe call?