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Pursuing Business/Accounting Degree (Current Vet Student)


Full Member
2+ Year Member
May 28, 2017
Hey everyone!

I am currently a veterinary student (just finished my first year) who is interested in practice ownership after graduation. I found out that the school I went to for undergrad offers business/accounting degrees online. I would need to take 14 additional courses to get another bachelors and it would cost $20,000. My local community college also offers an online associates accounting degree, which I could complete for under $10,000. Do you guys think it is worth me spending money to complete a degree or should I just take certain courses that would be useful. If so, what courses would you recommend? I have not taken many business courses. Thanks!


Ohio State c/o 2025
2+ Year Member
Apr 4, 2017
I don’t think there’s any point in getting an accounting degree that you may or may not ever use, and while an MBA can potentially be helpful, it’s far from necessary. Take a look at whatever your school offers for business/practice ownership and see if you can find an internship with a veterinarian-owned practice to get a little insight. You definitely don’t need a business degree to own a practice, and you likely won’t see a good return on investment on the amount of money you put in.
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Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride!
2+ Year Member
Nov 17, 2018
I agree strongly with everything already said. I’ll add I found my school’s business elective to be rather helpful. You could see if your vet school offers that. I am not from the most financially literate background but I’ve made a point to seek out opportunities in that regard and I don’t feel like I need a business degree to be up to speed personally. VBMA while I personally wasn’t involved is an excellent thing to stay involved in in regards to entrepreneurship and networking. You’ll meet a lot of great folks through there. I don’t think you need a business degree at all.
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Trash Panda C/O 2022
5+ Year Member
May 16, 2016
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  1. Veterinary Student
I agree with everything as said above. I have a minor in business management from undergrad because I knew practice management was something I was interested in and didn't cost me extra so I did it. I'm also in VBMA in vet school-basically covers all the same concepts and is better because it's specific to vet med. Save your time and money.
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