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Nov 24, 2008
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Hi guys,
I am just wondering whether I am eligible for applying for D school for next cycle 2010 since it's too late for this year. I mostly took all basic science courses 2004-2006, graduated on December 2007. For next cycle, would these courses I've taken be too old? Cause I've heard that the courses taken shouldn't be more than four or five years.
Plus, what materials good for bio? Does Kaplan online course really worthy for 1K bucks?

dr bojangles

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Sep 16, 2007
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your courses should be fine from 04 and newer, but just check the website of each school you want to apply to (or call/email when this app cycle is done so they're not too busy to answer!).
i've heard schaum's is good for bio. also one called orgo man, i think, is good for science. kaplan is good (albeit, a bit pricey), the quiz/question banks are invaluable.
good luck.
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