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What are my chances?

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Sep 2, 2017
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Hi everyone, I am a new member and I have a quick question.

Here is a little background about me.

I graduated Undergrad with an overall cumulative GPA of 3.60 with a Double Major in Biology and Psychology and a Minor In Spanish. I was also in the Honors College and was awarded Highest Distinction in the Honors College.
My Science GPA is : 3.50
My Major GPA for Biology is 3.50
My Major GPA for Psychology is: 3.56
My Minor GPA for Spanish is: 3.80

My MCAT score is a 513 (June 30th Test Date)

My personal statement was said to be excellent by both my admissions committee at my school and someone I know on a Medical School Admissions Board.

I have accumulated thousands of hours in a clinical job (Nurses Aide), have several shadowing experiences and a strong letter of support from a doctor I shadowed with, I have Academic and Clinical Research and have presented at an Academic Conference (student authors on the paper with a faculty advisor) I have also had a clinical internship. I have countless volunteer hours and have been on several volunteer trips in and out of the country as well as a great deal of leadership activity.
My pre-med advisor as well as the member of the admissions committee stated that the application is extremely strong.

Now... I didn't get a committee letter because my committee decided I was not recommendable. I went and spoke to my advisor (head of the committee) and he said it was very rare, almost unheard of for someone with my credentials to not get a letter. He said I may be able to apply without the letter because my credentials are "strong enough to stand on their own" but the committee letter would only hurt me should I chose to request. He stated that there were "reasons he couldn't discuss due to anonymity" and told me he was "blindsided" by the decision (where supposedly other committee members had reasons to believe I was not a strong candidate which he was shocked by). He does not like me for personal reasons and it has been an issue in the past. However, I did not expect it would pose this much of an issue so I proceeded with the interview and tried for the committee recommendation.

There is virtually no chance I will get a strong committee letter if I wait to apply next cycle.

I am currently doing a Master's Program in Neuroscience in my "Gap Year"

So here's the question...
1. Am I totally screwed???
2. How do I address the question on secondaries or in interviews with admissions officers? Are they likely to ask?


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Sep 2, 2017
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Following. My committee was on a mission to screw me over too. We disagreed on politics, so they found that to be the mature way to handle things. Gotta love the openminded :eyeroll:


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Nov 3, 2014
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Interesting. Two people same situation, created accounts on same day, necro old threads; my implicit understanding is incoming

:troll: alert.
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Nov 24, 2007
The ivory tower.
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Just apply without it.
If they ask, have a reasonable answer ready that doesn't make you sound like a paranoid psycho.
My premed advisor told my friend and I to apply to dental school, we didn't have a chance. Neither of us "played the game" but we got it done. I ended up with a full ride to a top 20 and he got into a top 10.
She was a wacko. Some of her golden boys and girls went to optometry school, DO, podiatry.
If anyone asked why I didn't have a letter from them, that would have been my reply, with some charming spin.

Il Destriero
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