Question about application timeline

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Feb 24, 2005
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When do we need to have our letters submitted by? Is it the same as the actual application (ie, the sooner the better)? I'm trying to figure out when to schedule my sub-Is... thanks!

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it is somewhat arbitrary but you could set 9/15 as a goal. obviously, the earlier the better.

i had my last letter (of 4) in on 10/15.

i made the mistake of waiting to submit my application until i figured out my LOR situation. try to submit your application on 9/1 if possible. programs will invite you to interview without your LORs.

Of the invites I've gotten, a few came in before ANY LORs were in (highly thought of programs to boot), some came with 1 or 2 in, and only a couple came after all my letters were in.

I would try to submit as early as possible. some of these schools invite within days of receiving your application, it would seem almost entirely based on GPA and USMLE scores.
Great, thanks!