Jul 15, 2016
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Jan 7, 2014
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Luck is a huge component. Because even thirty is a pretty small sample size. You could have bad luck and your PS just doesn't resonate with your app reader. But the best way to have good luck is to put the work in, and it seems like you have done that. Your app seems strong, and it is still very early. I went on double digit interviews and I don't know if I had received a single one by this point in the cycle. I doubt I had. If you're this neurotic this early on, it's going to be a very long 6 months. Also, don't sweat the rejections. 3/30+ schools rejected you, that means 27+/30+ either like what they see enough not to, or they haven't even gotten to you yet.


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Jun 10, 2010
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Stats get you to the door, ECs get you through the door.

What exactly determines whether somebody gets an interview invite? Is luck a huge component of this process? I still have 0 interviews despite applying to 30+ schools -- I was complete at almost all of them in early July or late June. In fact, I have already received three rejections!

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1000+ hrs clinical volunteering
1700+ hrs non-clinical
1500+ research ( pub on the way )
500+ hours paid employment while a full time student ( waiter, tutor, etc. )
Unique personal statement, very well-written secondaries and AMCAS activity descriptions.
Good/Great LoRs

But still.. nothing. I'm confident that I'll receive something by the time the cycle ends, but I'm wondering what kind of applicant gets priority for interviews.

Any insight?
Oct 28, 2015
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It's far too early to worry about this! The people I know who got interviews this early are the ones with truly obscene numbers; nearly perfect GPAs and MCATs north of 35 or whatever the new equivalent is. Your numbers are perfectly acceptable but they don't leap off the page (I was in the exact same boat). With those extracurriculars, I'd bet you get several interviews by the end of 2016.
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Schools get several thousand applications that must be reduced to several hundred interview invites to a few hundred acceptances to a hundred or so matriculating students. At any individual school, about 80% of all applicants are rejected without interviews. Additionally, review of apps may not simply be done in a linear, chronological order. High achievers, URM, family of alumni, feeder schools, associated UG programs, linked postbaccs, and other factor may push an app forward in the process.
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