Aug 5, 2016
Pre-Physical Therapy
Hey everyone. The story...I was going to ask my Physics professor for a LOR, but she retired and is unreachable. I got an A+ in the class and she knew me very well. I got A's in my other science classes but they were all from a few years back and my professors did not know me personally. I have a 200 level Psychology class professor that loved me, that I got an A in, and that i did an experiment for that had to do with Physical therapy. Would that be good for an academic LOR over a science LOR?


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Sep 5, 2012
Colorado Springs, CO
Physical Therapist
Unless the school specifies that they want a LOR from a specific type of professor then I don't think it really makes a difference. My academic LOR was from my public speaking professor. It was a small class and we got to know each other very well. We actually still keep in touch. I had A's in all of my science prereqs but I don't the professors could even pick me out of a lineup at this point.


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Nov 12, 2015
Physical Therapist
Most schools will specify whether they want a professor in your major or just a professor. If you find the school in the PTCAS directory, it will tell you what kind of LOR they accept. What really matters is that the person knows on a personal level and can speak well about your work ethic.