Question about NYCOM

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Feb 19, 2003
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Does anyone know how long does NYCOM usually take to give an answer? I was interviewed March 27th and I still have not heard from them. I called today, April 22nd, to ask about my status and they told me that "A final decision has not been made". :confused: Anyone in the same situation? Has anyone that interview with them has heard anything, yet?

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It happened to me, too. I had interview on January 23rd, and I still haven't heard anything from them. I called last week and was told that the admissions commitee don't meet until the end of April. Hopefully, we will heard from them soon. Good luck!! :(
Why are schools so vague when they have to give an answer? The answer I got didn't tell me much. I guess I'll call again the first week of May. Thanks and good luck to you, too. :)
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I interviewed at NYCOM on January 21st and found out I was accepted on January 30.

The reason you probably have not heard yet is because a conformation payment of $1000 is due on May 1st for all accepted students. Once they know how many students pay this payment, they can probably see how many more students they need to accept to fill their class. That's just my guess, however.

I wish you the best of luck......
I interviewed at NYCOM in January and still hadn't heard anything from them in March! So I called and found out they wanted a second interview. And now I will be attending NYCOM in the fall! In other words, just wait it out, there's nothing more you can do. Make sure you send a thank you for the interview and just watch the mail!