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Which school would you choose--CCOM or NYCOM based on my background?

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Jun 30, 2014
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I've been waitlisted at NYCOM for a few months now, but I'm contemplating sending a LOI to them. I know submitting a LOI doesn't mean I'll get in, but I want to stick to my word if NYCOM does end up accepting me, and for this reason, I want to think about which one would be right for me--NYCOM or CCOM. I've been recently accepted to CCOM. For the longest time, NYCOM was my #1 choice hands down, but I also really enjoyed my interview day at CCOM. Could any current students/alumni from each school contribute pros and cons? Alternatively, has anyone had to choose between these two institutions?

Here are some pros and cons of each school:

Pros and Cons of NYCOM
-I'd be close to family (25 minutes away)
-more time to study for boards (about 7 weeks)
-near NYC
-greater cost of living (I want to live on my own so I can study w/o distractions)
-was warned by a current student on SDN that the faculty doesn't care about you
-large class size?

Pros and Cons of CCOM
-at least 1 exam/week
-less time off to study for boards (only 4-6 weeks)
-reputation (100+ year old DO school)
-near Chicago
-newer facilities
-cheaper cost of living

Just looking for what you'd do if you were in my shoes, although I know this is a personal decision! Thank you :)

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CCOM is definitely a bit more pricey. About $8K more per year, but then again the cost of living would be less. Any other reasons to pick NYIT-COM over CCOM?
I would pick NY because it's so close to family. Being near your support system is important in med school imo. Plus it sounds like that's where you really want to go.