Question about timing and submitting additional LOR

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May 22, 2020
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This may be a silly question, but are letters of recommendation submitted all together with the primary application?

I would like to submit my primary as soon as possible, but I anticipate that one of my letters will not be finished until much later. As of right now, all the "minimum" recommended letters (2 science, 1 non-science, 1 research) that I have are ready to send as soon as AMCAS allows for submission, but another strong letter I hope to include won't be ready until around much later (letter writer said around August).

- Is the application considered "complete" as long as you have the minimum letter requirement for the schools you are applying to?
- Would it be possible to send in an additional letter later to AMCAS later on? Will schools still consider it or would it not do much unless submitted together with the rest of my app?

Thank you!

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