Question about UCLA medi school

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Mar 19, 2004
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I matched at UCLA for residency.

I am well aware of the differences between UCLA, UCLA-H, and UCLA-D for residencies.

I hear people refer to going to UCLA Drew for medical school in some of the allopath forums. I only knew of Geffen. Are there multilple UCLA medical schools? And if so what are the differences?

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ucla geffen is a "normal" med school. ucla drew is geared towards the underserved population.
drew/ucla is a special medical education program for 24 students whose mission is to work with the underserved. charles r drew is also a medical school. its located in the watts/willobrook area in south central la. its affiliate hosptial is king/drew medical center. there are very strong ties between drew and ucla. for more info, go to

congrats on your match! what specialty?