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Elle Woods

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Nov 21, 2008
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I was just wondering if it's worth it to buy a subscription if I already have the MSAR figures. Exactly what extra data is included with US News? Specifically, I am wondering about waitlist numbers (I.e. # interviewed who get waitlisted & # waitlisted who get accepted). I know that every year is different, but I think these would be interestinng to see if they're available!


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Jul 5, 2008
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The US News statistics are slightly more detailed in that they give the number of acceptances (something that the MSAR omits, which as a result tends to skew perceptions of the schools' selectivities). Other than that (and the rankings, which I find to be mostly useless anyway), US News won't be any more useful to you (they do not have waistlist statistics). A few things to keep in mind: there will be errors in the applicant data for some of the schools, not all schools participate in the surveys, and the data set may even be out of date.

Instead of subscribing, why not go to a bookstore and look for the US News medical school guide? Find a corner and flip through it while you memorize/take down the information of interest.
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