Jan 7, 2010
Atlanta, GA
Medical Student
if it’s totally normal, if I need to do more passages from EK or TPR workbook before the April 10th date.
It is normal. Though that 8 would cause some anxiety, I can understand considering you had a 12 at one point. But there ARE fluctuations, don't think that everyone gets the same exact score every single time. Do what you always do to keep the score you are getting, mix in some EK and TPR to spice it up a bit. But make sure you are doing Verbal every day. It's the hardest section to recover lost points if you've been away from it for a while.

I always go over the answers for PS and BS on the AAMC tests, but do people find it useful to go over the Verbal explanations for questions they got correct?
YES. No doubt. You need to know what "right" sort of thinking got you the right answers and what "wrong" sort of thinking got you the wrong answers. Then you learn to prune your thought processes so that you get more correct answers each time and can learn to identify which ones you seem to stumble over.